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Since I gave birth to my first born Gabo, I was already introduced by a friend to Mustela's Skin Freshener.  It is a love at first sight! Its so bango, so cool and so refreshing.  The freshener is perfect for my son because he is an active child and he sweats profusely.  Who would want to hug and kiss a child who's amoy pawis? I just sprayed it in his chest and also to his hair, and he would smell like a baby again.  I love it and I admit, I also used it. Haha.

Ever since then, I became an active user of Mustela's products.  They have a wide range of products that varies from the needs of the babies, mothers and moms to be.  

Four (4) product ranges of Mustela:

1. Mustela® Bébé range- products that are specially formulated for the everyday skin care 
needs of the naturally delicate skin of newborns, babies and children. Its complete offer is built around the 4 essential routines: hygiene, bath-time, nappy changing and skin care.

2. Mustela® Dermo-Paediatrics range - solution to the specific skin problems suffered by newborns, babies and children:

• Dry skin with eczema: Stelatopia

• Hypersensitive and intolerant skin: Stelaprotect

• Irritated areas: Stelatria

• Nappy rash: Stelactiv

• Cradle cap: Stelaker

3. Mustela® 9 Months range- specially formulated to accompany the changes a woman’s 
skin undergoes during pregnancy,after giving birth and breastfeeding.

4. Mustela® Sun Protection -protects the delicate,fragile or intolerant skin (atopic, hypersensitive, reactive, etc) of babies and children.

What I frequently use now for Axxel is the Mustela Dermo Pediatrics. I already mentioned here in my blog that Axxel has atopic dermatitis or what we commonly know as skin asthma. It was not severe, however there were really times for instance, when it was extremely hot or cold, that is the time when my baby will have breakouts in his face and back. He also becomes irritated and always scratching his head and back of the ears when the rasher appears. The Stelatopia Emollient Cream is a life saver for us. I used it to Axxel twice a day right after a quick shower. I just pat his skin with a towel leaving it a little bit wet so that the moisture from the Emollient Cream will be locked into my baby's skin. I also use the cream every time he experienced rashes attack. The cream visibly minimizes the appearance of the rashes and redness to his back, face, and neck in less than 6 hours. I hope that it stays that way. That my son's skin asthma is still manageable. I don't want to be in the point where Axxel has to experience using steriods.  

The only downside I think and what I am not that comfortable of is the application of the cream. For me, the cream is a little bit watery. I wish that it could be more thick. The consistency is not that dense enough that is why I always feel that the cream was not easily absorbed by the skin when applied. BUT, the fact that it lessens the appearance of the rashes, itchiness and redness of Axxel is already a testimony that the product indeed works!

Mustela's Stelatopia (Emollient Cream) and Stelaker
One more Mustela's product that does wonder to my baby's cradle cap is the STELAKER! All caps because this product is so effective and true to its purpose. Axxel began to have a cradle cap when he was still 2 months old. He had it in his head, side of his ears and eyebrows. Before, I religiously used a cotton buds with oil and gently rub it in the affected area. The cradle cap will be ripped off but will come back the next day. It was a very tiring and depressing experience. Until one day, I sent a personal message to the FB account of Mustela and Ms. Shane gladly accommodated my inquiries. In all fairness, Ms. Shane is very helpful and patient in listening to my concerns. She even called me to properly explain their products and on how to use it. She's the one that recommends to use Stelaker. I am so thankful of her for introducing me the product. What I did was to put the Stelaker cream in the affected area, most especially the head, before sleeping at night. Just leave it on overnight then gently scrub his head with a towel and mild soap (I use oilatum) the next day during shower. I did that routine every night and in a span of 2 weeks, Axxel's cradle cap in his head dramatically lessened while it was totally gone in his ears and eyebrows. No words can express my relief.

What's more? I think me and Mustela were actually destined to be together because I won their March giveaway contest!!! Wohoo!

These are the prizes!

2000 pesos worth of Mustela Products:
Very High Protection Sun Lotion 100ml

(sunblock SPF 50+)

Skin Freshener 200ml

(This is our best selling scented water!)

Travel sizes:

Dermo Cleansing 50ml

Physiobebe 50ml

Cleansing Milk 50ml
Hydrabebe Body Lotion 50ml

I was so kilig when I received the package!

Jingle got the chance to first try the products hehe

I excitedly tried this Very High Protection Sun Lotion to Axxel during our recent summer vacation, and surprisingly, his sensitive skin does not give any negative reactions! Whoopee!

I make baon also our all time favorite freshener.  We are all using it now =)
Thank you so much Mustela!

For more information, visit Mustela Philippines at

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