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Every parents knew the value and importance of imparting the habit of reading to their kids while they're still young.  As a parent, I would like to encourage you to please devote a certain time of your day to read with your child.  If you can make it as a part of your everyday routinary activities, the better.  When reading, you should read aloud because it helps your kids' stimulate their thinking and cognitive skills.  It is also a good practice for them to develop their curiosity and memory.  There will me limitless opportunities for your child's intellectual growth if they will have the habit of reading.

Last week, I went to SM Megamall because I need to ship something at LBC.  Megamall is just near to where I work so I decided to go there during our lunch time.  As expected, the line was long and the progress of it was also slow because aside from the fact that it is lunch time (the only free time for the employees), there where only two counters working.  I don't want to stay there and wait for 48 years so I decided to take a stroll.  I saw the BOOKSALE.

Photo from Booksale's website

I know I'm not the only one here who's palpitating when seeing books at a low low price.  If I could just hoard them all, I'll do.   I was actually searching for a Dr. Seuss's book to add to my kid's collection, but I only saw one.

The Tooth Book priced at 70php 
Yani is very fond of fairy tale books, so I got Pinocchio for her.

Pinocchio priced at 45php
I would like to buy something that is out of our normal "book theme", so I decided to pick this one.

How the Stars Fell into the Sky priced at 70php

The title picks my curiosity.  I haven't read it but it says at the back of the book that  According to the Navajos (a tribe in USA), the jumble of stars in the night sky reflects the disorders and confusion of life itself. In this lyrical retelling Oughton--in her first children's book--paints a picture of calm deliberation as, at the beginning of the world, First Woman determines to write the laws in the sky for all to see. So she positions her jewelry ``crafting her careful mosaic on the blackberry cloth of night.'' Coyote offers to help with this important task but becomes impatient and sends a cascade of stars hurtling into the night, creating chaos for all time. Oughton's text echoes First Woman's self-confidence and is sprinkled throughout with deft turns of phrase. Desimini's somber yet luminous art evokes nature's solemn beauty as it captures the silent mystery of the ``rim of night.'' Her solid, slightly static figures firmly place this fantasy-like world of the desert in reality. 

Parang mahirap intindihin ano? hehe.  Kidding aside, it seems very interesting right? And very timely also for we are celebrating now the Women's Month.  The book suits for children ages 4-8.

Last but not the least, I am over excited for Gabo when I bought this one for him!

Gigantic Paper Planes priced at 135php
Did I mention here that Gabo is really good at Origami?  It started when Jun teach him how to make a paper plane.  Then ayan na, nakikita na lang namin siya watching tutorials at youtube and he is already making different animals na! Like cat, dove, duck, etc. I was amazed.  At 6 years old, he can already make different kinds of animals and modes of transportation with very minimal flaws.  Origami making appeals to his creative, inventive and constructive abilities. There is a study that it will significantly improve your child's Math skill through origami. No wonder that Gabo was second in rank on their Math subject in the class.  Good job kuya!

Nawala na ang mata sa sobrang excited =)
He immediately worked on it!
Did I also said that the book is so big?  It really lives by it's name as Gigantic book.  I forgot to measure it but it was approximately 18" in width and 24" inches by height.  It is that big!  
It also includes a free set of sticks inside
Here's what it looks inside.  It offers a lot of plane patterns ranging from 3 levels (easy, intermediate, and advanced).  The paper that you will use is also provided in the book.

Here is Kuya Gabo at work!

The final outcome!

Congratulations Kuya!  Keep on enhancing your skills and doing what you love most.  We will support you all the way!

How about you guys?  What kinds of books did you read to your kids? Kindly share it by leaving a comment.

Happy morning!

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