My children's names in felt by ABZD Custom Felt Decor and More

Hello there Mommies!

I am free to blog anytime today till Friday.  You know why? I took a forced leave for 3 days because our two helpers decided to go back to their homes.  Remember my yaya stories??? Yes, same old ways. Anyway, the one decided not to work anymore, while the other one will be back DAW together with another helper.  I'll pray for that.

I will not dwell on that anymore kasi happy thoughts muna tau!  I received a package yesterday from ABZD Custom Felt Decor and More.  To give you the context first, I am an avid reader of the famous blog Topaz Mommy.  While browsing in her blog, I found this super cute names of her kids made of felt.  I immediately fell in love with it that I decided to message Ria right away.  Ria, owner of ABZD Custom Felt Decor and More is also a mom and she is the one who personally hand crafted those letters (handmade!).  I love crafts talaga that are hand made.  I always have this feeling na very special ang pagkakagawa, 'yung tipong galing sa puso talaga at pinag-ukulan ng panahon.  Her business is just home based who offers custom felt decors. They specialize in making felt names for kids that you can use to decorate their rooms or bedroom doors. 

Back to the package, do you want to know now what's inside? 

Package delivered by Xend

Hawakan ang panyo, co'z you might drool on the cuteness of this one!

My first born =)

The only girl =)

Our youngest angel =)

OMG! Who wouldn't love those! It may appear small in the photos, but their actual size were about 4-5 inches height per letter.  Yes, it is that big.  I placed their names in front of their room's door and pinched it with lady bug push pins. This is how they look like:


They love their names!  Look at Axxel, he is even overjoyed hehe.  At first, I just ordered the first name of my kids.  Kasi nakita niyo naman, ang haba ng mga names nila.  But when Ria told me that it was just 45php each, I changed my mind and decided to order their complete names! I didn't regret it cause the item was what I envisioned it to be like.  The colors are vibrant that's why the kids loved it.  It's made of felt, meaning it can last a lifetime.  You can also wash it with mild soaps and is very easy to clean.  Kahit babad lang, wala ng kusot kusot =).

ABZD Custom Felt Decor and More also offers a wide range of products. 




Random Characters

Shapes, etc.

They also make all purpose bins, lunch bags/totes,  etc., which are all hand sewn! How cool is that.  

Have anything in mind for ABZD Custom Felt Decor and More? You can send Ria a message in her FB page: or email her at

The sky is the limit.  Shoot her a message, and see what both of you can create! =)

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  1. i had these when i was in grade school myself! hahaha, what a nostalgia trip!

  2. I wish I had this In my childhood... Hmm, maybe I'll get one when my kids are in elementary school na.. :)

  3. Oo nga. I saw that on Frances too. Ang cute talaga. :)

  4. So cute! They make buntings too! I love buntings!!(:

  5. This is cute :) I ordered something similar to this but it was a Spell My Name headband for my girls :) I wish I could do this too. Hehe. I'll check out the store. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ang cute naman! Tas ang mura. P45 for each...I initially thought it would be that price pero per letter! And btw your baby is super super cute!

  7. When I was younger I also had my very own custom felt name on my bedroom wall! ;) Glad there is still something like this until now. Pretty way to design children's bedrooms. :)

  8. Wow! Really cute, I wanted one for my son din pero saka na lang pag nakalipat na kami ng house by the end of the month. Magandang pang decor sa rooms :)

  9. Very nice! :) Would like to order one too for my daughter.

  10. I have felt names for my kids too, so cute, but they were made by ants pocket. Handmade crafts are really nice :)

  11. I have felt names for my kids too, so cute, but they were made by ants pocket. Handmade crafts are really nice :)