A Visit to Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

We were invited by my uncle to visit Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club last month.  We're happy because they sponsored our trip there since it was a membership resort.   It is another Ayala Land Premiere development situated in the tropical forest of Morong overlooking the West Philippines Sea. Since it was located at Morong, Bataan, we decided to leave in our house as early as possible and that was at 4:30am.  

Awww. My baby Axxel is still sleepy here.  Ginising kasi ni Mommy eh.

Inabot na ng tirik ng araw!

It was a very long drive! Whew! But at last, after a 4-5 hours of driving, we finally made it to paradise!

This picturesque view will greet your loving face and it washed away our weariness from the long trip.  

We were greeted by their welcome cold iced tea drinks.

 This little fellow had his first taste of juice and he likes it very much haha.

Weeeeee!  Someone is so excited to swim na!

This is their receiving area or shall I say the reception area.  If you have any concerns or comments with the resort's service, you can approach the staff here.  This is where you also settle the bill for a Day Visit tour.

This is Anvaya's walkway.  It is the most photogenic area of the club where you can capture your pre and post photo visit.  The serene surrounding this big walkway (wooden bridge) is perfectly relaxing to the eyes.  The pond is very clean and there were actually koi fish at the other side of the walkway.

Gabo could not contain his happiness in this pic!

After placing our things at our Cabana, I immediately re-applied sunscreen to my kids because they were already running excitedly towards the kiddie pool.  I was literally running after them too!

This is the Cabanas.  Since it was just a day visit for us, we opt to stay here.  Honestly, even though the sun is very tirik na tirik, we do not feel that much heat because the whole table is actually covered by a huge and thick umbrella tent.

Daddy, may pinagdadaanan ka ba? hehe

Do not ever ever forget to put sunscreen at least 30 minutes before heading to the water.

I am very excited for Axxel because this is his first swimming experience.  He has skin asthma kasi that is why we were all very cautious and most of the times wary when it comes to him exposing under the sun and in the water.  Good thing was that the Marshall manning the kiddie pool told us that they are constantly cleaning it.  I am convinced naman because the water is so clear.

This is what Axxel does in his entire stay at the pool.  Eating the balls!!!

There are a lot of balls in the pool! Ang saya lang talaga.  

This is me trying to catch Gabo for a family pic.

Gabo told me that I interrupted his floating style, giving this pose.

Parang mas nag-eenjoy ang mga matatanda kaysa sa mga bagets. Hihi.

When Axxel was done swimming, I am very happy that they also have this Toddler's area to offer a relax and sound sleep to the babies.

The room is fully air conditioned and there is an ample space for an adult who can watch for the baby.

Who does not love playgrounds? Anyava also had this play area where the kids can actually play and run when they are finished swimming.

Here are the pools for adults.  Children are not allowed here unless they have floaters with them.

The water was so clean and warm. and there were all huge.  I don't remember exactly but I think they have 4-5 pools of this size.

They also have Jacuzzi!

This is Axxel after his nap time.

Ahh, Mommy, anong meron? Haha.


Yeyyy! My food, finally.

 Good thing, my son loves nature =)

Anvaya Cove also offers a wide beach front which is perfect for families who loves outdoor activities.  The sand is powdery smooth which is in fact, very close to Boracay's sand.  

I actually fall asleep with those beach chairs (or should I say lounge chair?) under the tree.  

Who would not fall in love with those blue water?

If you got tired naman with those numerous water and beach activities, you can now relax in their Veda Spa.

This single photo was taken from their website.

Now here comes the Activity Area

  Axxel is with his Ate Jona =)

 I heard something.  What's that?

Good job, Axxel! You are so well behaved.

Over all, we had a fantastic and joyful experience at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club. The staff were all nice and accommodating,  the facilities are all high class, the food is very tasteful (lutong pinoy talaga!) not mentioning that it is also very affordable (restaurant price), and the nature is very much serene, peaceful, and comforting.  The place is breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn't ask for more! =)

Those happy smiles!

Just when we were about to leave, my kids saw these ducks.

And...ano pa nga ba? they run after them hihi.

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  1. Anvaya Cove looks really nice. I didn't know there's such a paradise in Morong. It looks so serene too and not too crowded unlike other resorts. Will consider this place for our weekend getaway. It's worth the 4-5 hours of travel.

  2. I missed Anvaya. It looks like you and your family had an awesome time! I want to go back soon!


  3. ang ganda ng pool, and it looks cold there because of the plants :-)

  4. I read a lot of good reviews in Anvaya hope I can visit it din I need a sponsor to get in

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  7. Personally I really love the Anvaya Cove, nice share mastermomspeaks!