Gabo's Expressive Art Play Summer Class at Mulberry Preschool

Summer is about to end.  Haaay, ang bilis talaga ng panahon.  The month of May nearly ends but before that, let me share to you one activity that my son Gabo participated in this school break.

As part of the Gender and Development (GAD) Program, a Summer Activity Package was provided this summer for the kids of the women/mother employees of our office (OPAPP). A little literature lang ha, for those of you who are not familiar to GAD, the government has embarked on gender and development as one of its priority program through Executive Order (EO) 273 to ensure that explicit, implicit, actual and potential gender biases are removed.  It is a development perspective that recognizes the unequal status and situation of women and men in society, and as an approach, GAD seeks to equalize the status and condition of and relations between them.  All government agencies, departments, bureaus, offices and instrumentalities, including government-owned and controlled operations, at the national level, sub-national and local levels are mandated and directed to implement this program.  

Ang ganda diba? Sana nga sa mga private companies and institution ay mayroon din nito.  It is really imperative to know that development is for all and everyone is entitled to equal opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life. 

Owkayyy...back to the summer activity, our office have partnered with Mulberry Kids Preschool located at 25 General Malvar St. San Antonio Village, Pasig City.  This school has the perfect location since it is very near to our office.  The summer program caters kids ages 2-13 years old with the following categories:

Gabo was enrolled at the Expressive Art Play category.  Because the Mulberry Kids School does not have a local artist, they hired The Artist Madhouse Expressive Meditation to help them facilitate the art sessions.  Expressive Art Meditation is a fusion of guided meditation and art practices to freely express thoughts and emotions and use its outcome to inspire self-discovery and self-direction.  My son is very excited everytime that the class will start.  Very interactive and holistic talaga ang approach.  Their activities involves visual, dance, music, drama, and writing.

The caption says it all! =)

This is the school's evaluation with Gabo's performance:

Gabo is a very active participant and is not afraid to express himself.  There are times that he feels frustrated not ending up with his expected outcome but is never discouraged to try again.  He enthusiastically experiments with colors and new mediums.  Expressive Art Play helped Gabo improve not just his confidence in creating artworks but also the way he interacts with other children.

Good job Kuya!  I am also very thankful to our office for recognizing the importance of family life and values system.  The program was a great bonding experience for the OPAPP employees and their kids.  It promotes camaraderie not just with the kids but to fellow parents as well.  It is an excellent opportunity for the kids to mingle, play, and learn at the same time with other kids which will help them enhance their social skills. 

The teachers/staff were all kind and accommodating.  They know their programs and curriculum well enough when asked.  The two facilitators of Artist Madhouse were both competent as well in their field and were very friendly too with the kids.

Fr those of you who are interested to enroll your kids in Mulberry Kids Preschool, you can contact them here:

Landline: 634-55-87
Mobile:  0915-6101752

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