My Generous, Truest Friend


Kamustasa ang weekend mga kapatid? Mine was a very relaxing and tiring one.  Ironic right? My helpers kasi took a one day leave kasi so toka nanaman ako sa bahay.  Good thing my hubby is sensitive enough in helping me with the kids and household chores lalo na kapag hindi nako maka-usap ng matino haha! At the same time, it was also yesterday when I got a chance to take an afternoon nap.  Sinabayan ko matulog si Axxel.  

Anyway, I would just like to ask...

Do you have a best friend? 

I'm sure you have.  And I'm also sure that some of you might not just have only one but two or more.  

Me, I don't have one. 

To tell you the truth, I don't have a loooot of friends.  Acquaintance, marami.  Sa FB nga, I think I just have more or less 300 friends compared to others na libo libo na.  Probably because I'm a very private person.  Some says that I'm a snub (siguro nga).  I don't easily divulge information or personal experiences to others whom I don't know that well.  It is not an issue of trust, its just that I am not comfortable revealing some of me to those that doesn't know me enough.

But what I do have is a small circle of true friends.  These friends that I've been talking about was with me for more than 10 years now.  They are the people who stood by me through thick and thin especially when the going gets tough.  Hindi sila pabalat bunga na nandiyan lang kapag masaya ka.  They have been there in my lowest, toughest journey in my life.  

One of them is Iona.  She has been my friend since 2nd year college.  Since then, we're inseparable.  Iona accepted me at my worst.  Alam niya ang mga pinagdaanan ko.  We don't see each other in a day to day basis because we have our own career path right now, but we manage to meet whenever our schedule permits and catch each other up through chats, calls or texts.  It only testifies that distance is not a measurement or hindrance to friendship or in any kind of relationship for as long as it is true.  

Two weeks ago, we met together with our friend Quennie at BGC for a chit chat.  Pinaganda ko lang na chit chat but it's really tsismisan in its truest form hehe.  Sa BGC kami lagi nagkikita because that is our common place.  She gave me the following:

Random moisturizers and hand cream
Iona's auntie from Guam gave her a lot of make-up.  Since she's not that into those, she decided to give some of those to me and Quennie.  She also included two hand cream from L'Occitane because I mentioned to her that those products were actually very effective in my hand's special condition.

Le Jour de Chanel Reactive

La Nuit de Channel Recharge

The combination of this day cream and night cream from Chanel is so rejuvenating.  Although the day cream has a thick consistency, it is easily absorbed by the skin naman.  No greasy feeling.  It gives you a fresher look and you can visibly see that your pores are getting smaller, I swear! Sana she'll give me more of this pa haha.

L'Occitane En Provence Vanilla Hand Cream

L'Occitane En Provence Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Both the L'Occitane hand cream is an A+ for me! It really moisturizes my hands.  If only you'll see my hands right now, it's extremely dry.  Dryness to the max due to skin asthma.  As in nag babalat balat.  It does not cure the dryness 100%, but it prolongs its moisture with 3-4 hours maximum.  That's in my case, but with a normal skin, I think it'll last at least half day.

Dior's One Essential

I still haven't tried this one.  I'll just finish first my moisturizer from Nisce before giving it a try.

Philosophy's Hands of Hope

Philosophy's hands of hope is also climbing at the chart when it comes to moisturizing my hands.  Since it was just a sample size, I only use it during special events or if it requires me to stay out door, meaning when I'm exposed directly under the sun.   It is fragrance free.  What I most like is that I can really feel the smoothness of my hands when using this.  It has a non-greasy formula and it does not only protect my hands but my cuticle as well.  I love this! =)

So, thank you Iona.  Not only for the the material gifts, but also for the gift of friendship and for staying with me.  Whatever it is that you're going through right know, just remember that you are not alone because we are all here for you, ready to meet you up at Banapple =) 

Smile! and Give your friends a high five!

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  1. Hello Celin! I'm a new mommy blogger lang din. Pareho pala tayo hindi ganun kadami ag friends, i'm a good person naman pero kasi siguro medyo "guarded" ako pagdating sa pagbi build ulit ng friendship sa ibang tao dahil sa naging expeience ko dati. Pero i'm starting na din naman pag-aralan na mag tiwala ulit.

    You're so lucky to have someone like Iona as your bestfriend. Hope mas maging matibay pa ang friendship nyo. At ang gaganda ng mga bigay nya a, hehe! =)

    1. It's not a bad thing if you just a small circle of friends. Hindi din 'yan sukatan ng pagiging isang mabuti tao. What's important is that you are true to yourself, they are true to you, and that you don't mean any harm to anyone. Hope to see you soon Mommy Mary Joy!