Mommy's haven at MOM POP UP!

Happy morning guys!!!

Yesterday, I went to BGC to meet my college friends to discuss some stuff then visited the Mom Pop Up event at Fully Booked, Global City.  It was like hitting two birds with one stone, a very productive Saturday afternoon hehe.  I have always been searching for mommy events for the past few years now to enlighten me on new mommy and baby/kids products that are quality made, very affordable, useful, and proudly locally made products.  The Mom Pop Up was just a one day event kaya hindi ko na pinalagpas!

It was my second time to attend at the Mom Pop Up.  All participated brands like I said are made here in the Philippines.  Either hand woven or most if not all the materials/ingredients are found here within our reach. Imagine how special it was to buy a hand crafted product? These are the things that are actually made from the heart so how can you go wrong? =)

Here are some of the the photos of the few booths that were present in the event.  I just took the photos of the booths that picked my interest =)

Olivia Dessert Jar

Olivia Dessert Jar! Ooohhh...their desserts were super delicious talaga especially the red velvet and chocolate cake.  If you're a fan of bread and spread naman, the chicken liver pate is the perfect one for you.  They are all home made.  And did I mention that it's very affordable too?  This goodies are a must try.  I'm actually thinking now if this will be the perfect giveaway on my children's party.  Sana they'll give me discount! hehe

Catch them at

Mother Earthlings

Mother Earthlings

The Mother Earthlings was on sale!!! As in super baba na mga prices nila.  Almost all the items were on buy one take one.  Their onesies were so cute.  The designs were all unique and the fabric is so cool.  Perfect for the upcoming summer season!

Two Tots Home Accessories, Inc.

Two Tots Home Accessories, Inc. sells different kinds of home accessories in which they can also customized according to your preference.  Their designs are very stylish and manufactured here in the Philippines.  The favorite catch all baskets were also on sale (200php off)! I'm actually drooling with their chevron magnetic board, but too bad they didn't have a bigger one available yesterday =(.  Will message them na lang =)
Catch them at

Verb Manila

Verb Manila actually sells matching clothes that are both comfortable and chic.  If you're always looking for your mini me, you should definitely search on their products.  They do not only sell clothes for moms and daughters but for father and sons as well!  The family matching outfits are very affordable and is perfect for family photo shoots and special events.  Watch out for their next new style of kimonos =)
Catch them at

Celestina and Co.

Celestina and Co. is a shop which specializes children's unique and stylish clothing and accessories.  Their bow clips/ties and tutus are the popular and best seller ones.  Mind you, their accessories are not just only for our little girls but also for our cutest boys too!

Pottly N Tubby

The Pottly N Tubby! I loooove all their products! As in all! Kung may milyon lang akong dala, binili ko na lahat 'yan hehe.  Kidding aside, who will not fall in love with all those vibrant colors and uber cute designs? They're all perfect for my kids' room!  Pottly N Tubby is a children's boutique inspired by the owner's life in Australia, which aims to provide beautiful handmade items for the little ones. They offer:

1.) Teepees and Tents (the cute little tent above)
2.) Bean Bags
3.) Decorative Pillows
4.) Sleeping Bags
5.) Dreamcatchers
6.) Clothing
7.) Furniture

I will surely order the bean bag (the one with the teardrop design)! It is perfect as a reading chair for my kiddos.  Catch them at

Those were just actually some of the booths.  Medyo nagmamadali na kasi ako kaya konti lang ang na-picturan ko.  

BUT THIS MADE MY DAY YESTERDAY!!! Look whom I found guys!!!

Mommy Fleur!

Na star struck ako mga kapatid! This is Ms. Fleur of the famous blog MOMMY FLEUR. She's with her daughter, the lovely Anika.  Ay grabe, mukhang close na kami sa picture diba? She's very accommodating and para bang ang gaan gaan kasama hehe.  Ito ang eksaktong line na gusto kong sabihin sa kanya the moment I saw her.

"Oh God, this is one of those key moments in life, when it's possible you can be really, genuinely cool - and I'm failing 100%. I absolutely and totally and utterly adore you and I think you're the most beautiful woman in the world and more importantly I genuinely believe and have believed for some time now that we can be best friends. What do YOU think?" - From the movie, Notting Hill

Ang OA noh? Hehe.  But that's what I actually felt within those seconds na nakausap ko siya. I read her blogs for almost two years now everyday.  Ang galing kasi because even though you don't know each other personally, you could find a friend in her 'cause you can relate, especially as a mom to her experiences that she shares.  I can feel that she writes from the heart.  I failed to mention to her that she is one of those people who really inspires me to pursue my dream to be a blogger.  Bago pa lang ako, but I'm confident that I can make it! =) 

I really really hope that I could attend in one of her anniversary get togethers.  I hope soon! Thanks Mommy Fleur for being an inspiration to all the moms out there!

Haaaay, back to my katinuan, here were my purchases yesterday:

The red velvet and chocolate cake of Olivia Dessert Jars.  They're actually three, hindi lang umabot ang photo ng isa kasi ubos agad. Haha!

This was on sale. 150php lang.  A good steal for such a very nice shirt.
A kimono dress fro the Verb Manila.  I actually made a reservation of this one a day before the event.  Ni-reserve ko na dahil baka makuha pa ng iba =)

She's my friend Queenie, also a mom, who accompanied me in the event =)
The Happy Me!

That's it folks! I was so happy on my purchases! Congratulations Mom Pop Up for the successful event.  I hope that there will be more activities pa!  See u soon! =) 

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