An Extra Sweet Day at Love Desserts

Who want some love and dessert at the same time?

Well, I have a news for you guys! The good news is that the Love Desserts offers the sweetest and most sumptuous desserts one could ever dreamed of.  They just opened last February this year at Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, and their desserts with love is already creating a buzz.  It is an eat all you can dessert for only 199php! 

Love Desserts, Pearl Drive, Commonwealth

Now let me tour you to the land of honey =)

The first thing that captured my attention, well, aside from the desserts, was their cozy and warm interior.  Feel at home na feel at home ang ambiance.  

I love wall stickers! We have tons of this in our house.  I like it because it is very easy and convenient to use, use less time instead of wall paintings, and best of all it is repositionable! So you can re-arrange the design in any manner that you want or you can un-stick and move it to other blank wall in your house =)

 I love this diy frame.  I remember, I also made like this one for Axxel's baptism.

And now for the main entree...please ready for you handkerchief because you might involuntarily drool on this one hihi.  I captured most of the desserts and tasted every single of it.  Yes! Halos lahat tinikman ko, so I could give you my honest review on what it tastes like based on my personal palate and appreciation.  I am not a food critique and all of these are just based on my own truthful opinion.   

Here we go!

The Japanese Cheese Cake

I love cheese cakes and this one is climbing at the charts.  This is my favorite from all of their desserts.  The creaminess is perfect.  Not that thick and not that soft.  It's also very light, so I think I can eat three slices of this in just one sitting. =) 

The Rainbow Cake

Unlike the Japanese cake, the consistency of this cake is very soft.  Not that sweet so I think this is perfect for the kids because it is not that heavy on stomach.  Perfect for those birthday parties at home when you just want to throw a surprise for your kids when they wake up.  It's so colorful, that the kids will definitely ask for more.  Sorry I didn't get the chance to take a photo of the sliced cake.  

The Blueberry Cheese Bite and Choco Mini Cupcakes

I love the blueberry cheese bite!  The cheese is so creamy it actually melts in your mouth.  I also like the choco mini cupcakes.  It's icing is not that sweet.  It has a perfect blend of chocolate mixed in a very moist sponge cupcake.

The Yema Cake

This sponge cake is perfect for those who are not much into sweets because the cheese is overpowering.  I can view this as a perfect "baon" for the kids in school. 

The Macaroons and the Mini Carrot Cupcake

The macaroons is great! My husband actually ate a lot of these.  It's very soft and the sweetness is just enough.  Makakarami ka talaga.  The mini carrot cake however has a less carrot taste.  It's also airy inside and light in consistency.  

The Caramel Roll Cake and Braso de Mercedes

This caramelized cake is good.  However, the icing is a little bit thick suppressing the taste of the caramel which should be the center in this one.  The braso mercedes tastes perfectly.  For me, it tastes better than those in the leading cake shops. (Photo of the braso mercedes below)

The Mocha Praline Cake

I'm not that sure if I got the name of this cake right.   This one is too heavy on stomach mga kapatid.  You better eat this last because you will already feel full at hindi na makakakain ng iba.  Sayang naman ang buffet diba?  But anyway. this cake tastes just right.  Not that sweet again.  The sprinkles and icing balanced it all.

The Chocolate Brownies

I love brownies in every form of it!  This one looks dry in the outer, but when you have a bite of it, it's so moist and soft!  Added by marshmallows, it's flawless.

The Caramel Brownies

Ooooooh! This one is the best! Kung pwede lang mag take out, nilagay ko na 'tong plato sa bag ko.  This brownies is oozing with sweetness.  I really like this and I will definitely order this one for my kids' birthdays!

The Cream Puff

I just took a bite of this one and I already tasted it's creamy fillings.  It's pretty big enough compare to those regular sized cream puff, so eating one whole of it is already enough.

The Egg Pie

gg pies are one of my favorites since childhood.  Hindi ito nawawala sa mga bakery sa kanto kaya kilalang kilala ko na ang lasa nito.  This pie is sooo good! The crust is thin and it is so soft.  You don't actually have to chew it hard and instead let it melt in your mouth.  

The Black Forest

I'm not a fan of black forest so I won't say anything about it dahil baka maging biased.  But my husband who's with me told me that this cake levels with the Red Ribbon black forest cake.

The Pastillas

It's dense and chewy at the same time.  You can actually taste the sweet milk and I like it!

The Ice Cream, Sylvanas, and Rum Balls

I only got to taste the Coffee flavored Ice cream.  It's from Big Scoop so you'll know that it's one of the best ice cream there is.  For the sylvanas, the taste is pretty good but it's too hard.  It's actually hard to tear it with your fork.  Now for the rum balls, the wine-ry taste of it is palpable.  It has a smooth texture, and the chocolate cover is not too thick, just sufficient by it's size. favorite part of the dessert buffet is this!!!

Yes! You heard it right.  They have arozcaldo at the end of the dessert buffet table.  Why?  Pang tanggal ng umay! Of course when you are surrounded with lots of sweets, there's a tendency that you will lose appetite most probably at the middle of your meal.  You can maximize the buffet if you can taste all right? So there must be something to balance your appetite and the answer is arozcaldo.  This is definitely yum yum!

They also have cheese sticks, empanada, tacos, and really big cookies.  All of them taste good! These are foods that effectively avoid sugar fatigue.  Naka anim na cheese sticks ako hihi.

They also have fruit salad, watermelons and halo halo! Perfect for this weather.  Sobrang init sa labas.  This is the best quench thirster!  And one more thing, you can actually order drinks and shakes too which is already included in the 199php! 

I'm sure, the kiddies will jump for joy when they see this!!!

You can also ask the staff to make a crepe right in front of you =) 

I am so glad that they post this: "Leftover will be charged 399."  Because honestly it is very wrong to take a lot of food that you cannot intake.  I remember Pope Francis' stressed that discarding food is like stealing from the world's poor.  This is so very true.  Before, especially in a buffet, I used to get a LOT quantity of food, 'yung tipong takaw mata talaga.  And really, there are still many leftovers.  I felt so sad today when I remembered those times.  But now, I really managed to eat all the food that's in my plate.  Sayang talaga eh.  There are many malnourished and unprivileged children everywhere.  We are very fortunate that there is always food in our table that is why we should constantly have the attitude to share to the most needy.

Ayan, very good ako dito!

Photo ops with my fellow mommy bloggers

Ms. Lani, Me, and Ms. Louisa

Let me say that the staff are all very polite and friendly.  They know their food very well that is why they were able to give recommendations on what to eat first or "must-trys."

Thank you so much Love Desserts! You really made my day extra sweet =)

Go check them out!  They also have a branch at 915 Banawe street, Corner Del Monte Quezon City

Store Hours

Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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  1. It was great seeing you again Celin! Glad you enjoyed! I wish I had eaten more but was off that morning. I love our pic with Lani! Pashare ha! :D

  2. OMG! This place is very near!!! I'm inviting my friends so we can go there together.

  3. I am suppose to attend here din last Saturday, nasabayan company outing and I need to be there sayang :-) I want the rainbow cake

  4. We'd definitely try to visit! Nakakatakam! I haven't been to any dessert-only buffets and this one's defionitely in my list :)

  5. wow! the cakes!!!! i love sweets so definitely i am going to visit this place soon! thanks for sharing!

  6. looks very yum-yum! the place looks very chick! too bad I didn't go, but you guys looks like had a good time!

  7. sayang so far from me, looks delicious pa naman :)

  8. It's so amazing! Thank's for such review! Wish you lot's of inspiration!:) uk essay writers