Mommy 'Me Time' at Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage

The past few days has been very busy for me.  There are a lot of write ups still to be done, major house hold chores that has been waiting for almost a week, and preparation for my three children's birthday party (Yes! they all fall on the same month!).  Dun pa lang sa tatlong birthday maloloka ka na eh. With all of those external stresses, I think I deserve a break.  

By God's grace, a very timely invitation came to me.  The Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage invited us (me and other mommy bloggers) to try their spa services.  No way will I say no to this.  It's time for me to crack those stiff muscles and finish it with a relaxing pressure.  Thank you, thank you, Body Tune Spa!

Meet my co-mommy bloggers!

The gorgeous ladies of Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP). From left to right (Jen. Luisa, Joy, Rhoda, and Joey).  I'm the sitting fella =)

Here are my thoughts, comments and suggestions on their amenities and services.

The Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a rigorous and luxurious spa treatment that uses a variety of massage techniques like acupressure and reflexology together with essential oils that will relax and renew their spirituality.  It will also boost your circulation and give you a deep tissue and mascular massage that works on damaged tissue, strained muscles, and joint pain. (Body Tune Spa website)

All of us picked their Balinese massage.  This is their "best selling" massage daw.  For us Filipinos, ito 'yung tinatawag natin na "hilot."  We frequently hear many people saying "lamig" sa katawan, and this massage concentrates on that body part with "lamig."

True enough! In all fairness, the Balinese massage was such a relief.  Hindi ito 'yung tipong hinahagod ka lang.  There is a strong pressure talaga especially in your body part with stiffed areas.  They give more focus on you upper and lower back dahil ito daw ang madalas na sumasakit sa atin dala ng stress at pagod and I agree.  I always complain my back.  I spend 8 hours working everyday in a week just sitting in my cubicle and my eyes glued at the monitor kaya naman I literally fell asleep because of the ease and relaxation of the massage.  Ginising lang ako ni ate.  My masseuse was also great.  She always asks me if the pressure was okay or if I feel comfortable enough.

The Staff

Their staff were all very accommodating and friendly.  They are also very informative because they know all their products pretty well.    

Meet my Masseuse

She's Ate Evelyn.  She's very kind and a very good masseuse! Good job, Ate.

The Massage Room

For those that will have their massage individually, this is their laidies' single room.  It is just okay for me.  I could move freely and can arrange my things inside the locker easily.  However, its quite small I think for a person who has a big body built or is fat.

The Sauna Room

Me and my husband adore sauna! If I get richer, I would have a sauna be built inside our master's bedroom.  It has many benefits kasi.  First of all, it is good in detoxification.  It flushes out our toxins by sweating.  I can also feel stress and pain relief after the process.  It makes me feel light so I think it will be a good weight loss method.  More importantly, it also improves circulation by increasing blood flow to our muscles.  This is my favorite spot at Body Tune.  Although they do not have a clock inside (parang natanggal), a good 10-15 minute stay is enough.

The Shower Area for Women

They have a separate shower room for men and women.  Dapat lang diba!. It contains the usual hot and cold shower and liquid soap and shampoo.  The smell of their body wash was great!  It smells candy and actually tastes like one haha.  Ang sarap magbabad.  One thing lang is that I suggest it would be better to put a hook at the curtain or any tool to hold the curtain in place while it is close.  When I'm showering kasi, I'm holding the curtain on my one hand and the other one rubbing my body.   Gets niyo?  There is a space kasi na naka-awang at the side so it's a little bit uncomfortable.

My bathrobe and shorts is way big for me.  Size is XL.

 As you can see, the mirror and sink area has a comb, powder, cotton buds, liquid sanitizer and a liquid hand soap.  So it's complete!  

The Walk Way

It's kinda narrow but not a big deal.  

The Room Slippers

I really hope that they could provide smaller slippers for women.  These are for men obviously.  I find it hard to walk from the sauna to the room and back to the shower again.  Para akong may mabigat na dalahin =(

Also, I'll have to say this.  I'm quite disappointed on their towels.  I'ts not dirty but its not also as "clean" as we all know what clean is.  It does not have a smell also.  I think it will add a little comfort or happy dose for clients if their towel is at least scented and smells clean.  

All in all, I'll give 3 out of 5 stars (5 being the highest) in their amenities and 4.5 out 0f 5 in their staff and massage service .  Their price is very competitive and affordable as well.   Take a look at their other services and promo packages:

After Photo

Freshness again! Hihi

For more information, visit their facebook account:

and check their blog at:

They have branches at:

SM Megamall                                                            SM City Dasmarinas
5th Floor Bldg. B                                                         Upper Ground Level
Mandaluyong City                                                      Tel.(046)432-3163
Tel. (02) 634-3082

SM City Fairview                                                        SM City Bacoor
UGF, Main Bldg.                                                          LGF, Bacoor Cavite City
Tel. (02) 936-5768                                                       Tel.(046)417-2432

SM City North Edsa                                                  SM Mall of Asia
5th Floor The Block                                                     2/F Main Mall Arcade Pasay
Tel. (02) 442-0018                                                       Tel.(02)556-0086

SM City Southmall                                                     Market!Market!
Lower Ground Floor                                                    3/F Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Tel. (02)800-9038                                                        Tel.(02)886-7459  

SM City Pampanga                                                   SM City North Edsa  
2nd Floor, Main Mall                                                    LG SM City Annex
Tel. (045)961-6389                                                      Tel. (02) 332-2076

There you go.  I hope this helps you visualize on what will you expect in Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage and always remember that every mom deserves to have a "care for the self" time and treatment for them to enjoy!

Happy Weekend!  


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  1. Sometimes it's also equally important to have some "me-time" for moms like us. We need to rejuvenate, re-charge and to simply relax sans our kids. After all, It's not easy being a mom 24/7 so pampering ourselves at least every now and then helps us.

    1. Totally agree! after all, we are not superwomans

  2. I prefer a steam room than a sauna, because I feel the sauna is dryer. It's been long since I had a steam. I just went for a massage last week, medyo masakit, hehe! You really tasted the soap? Hehe!

    1. Steam is also great! yeah, I tasted the soap! hahahaha! just kidding

  3. Would definitely love a massage right about now. Super sore muscles, thanks to my 4-year-old who loves pretending I am a horse. :| Hahaha! The place looks soooooooo relaxing.

    1. Yeah it's really nice and affordable =)

  4. "Me-time" is like a dream for me. Honestly,., it is just so hard to have that time especially with 4 kids. But I do wish to have that kind of quality time all by myself.

    1. It's so true Mommy! Maligo nga lang pahirapan na. You might want to consider having a home service massage if you don't have the extra time to leave outside your home. Much cheaper pa =)

  5. The place looks nice. Hmm, and now I want to get a massage, haha.

  6. I agree with kRod! Thanks for the detailed post! I rarely read reviews about body massage and glad I read this one. :)

    1. Thank you! The Balinese massage is really comforting. 'Yun nga lang, best if they could replace their towels and add more aroma inside the room =)

  7. It's been a long while since I've last had a massage. Before baby number 2 pa yata. Shucks, so long ago! Haha. Must try this.

  8. Ah, one of my stress relievers. I had my massage just last week at MarketMarket. :)

    1. Talaga? Where? We had a store kasi at Market Market kaya dun din ako madalas mag pa massage =)

  9. Fresh nga! I'm sure you had so much fun with the mommy bloggers. I'm loving the place's shabby chic feel!

  10. This is a reminder to get the long overdue body massage!

  11. This remind me to have a massage. Such a relaxing way to keep our body fresh and feel stress free. Just what every busy mom need.

  12. The place looks nice. though i have to say - im one of those weird ladies who does not enjoy massages!

  13. Nakakainggit. I have been wanting to get a massage for hmmm, years?, now but I still haven't done that. Of course, the partner will probably be getting one, too. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Traditional Massage