Jollitown Funtasy Land is in Town!

Ooooohh...My  family's weekend was such a blast! Why? Because my kids got the chance to be in Jollibee's house! Where? In Jollitown Funtasy Land!  My kids were so overjoyed when I told them that we will visit the Jollitown Funtasy Land.  It is just a once in a year event that is why me and Jun were also giddily excited about it.  

Last Saturday, we went to SMX in Pasay (near SM MOA) to check out Jolibbee's Jollitown Bigger than Life Family Affair.  The gate opened at 9am and the line was already long given the fact that it's so early.  I am sure that the kids slept early the night before so that they could wake up at 7am! (or did they sleep???).  

This is the poster of the event.  

Jollitown Funtasy Land Poster
Jollitown Funtasy Land. A bigger than life affair for the family!

Come on! I'll tour you around!

When we entered the hall, the whole Jollitown characters greeted us!

We were so kilig.  The gang was complete. That's Twirle, Jollibee, Popo, Hetty, and Yum!  My kids' eyes widened when they saw all the attractions.  Nagsitakbuhan agad ang mga bagets.  Their first stop? The Maze of Enchanted Trees.

This is a very big maze suitable for kids.  In order to test their skills, they need to find their way out in just 5 minutes.  This requires a lot of patience and trial and error or else, you'll lose in the way.  But fret no more because you will meet magical characters inside that will help you out just when you needed them the most.

Maze of Enchanted Trees

Next one was the Dingdangdong Clingers.  This was, I think, the most favorite spot of my kids.  In here, you can jump as high as you want and be attached in the Velcro Wall, or climb as high as you can in the Wall Climbing.  It's a lot of fun here especially when you're already glued to the wall. =)

Look at those muscles! Go Gabo! That's your training for our upcoming mountain climbing =)

I personally wanted to try this one cause it looks so much fun right? Kaya lang it is just for kids lang talaga =( (maki agaw ba sa pilahan? haha).  The Jolly Marshals were so helpful and accommodating.  Because Yani could not jump high pa, the Jolly Marshall carried her and attached her to the wall.  Yani was sooo happy!

Then they went to Jollibee's House...

The Jollibee House ia a huge inflatable play ground.  The kids were literally jumping all the way there.  When they saw the slide, ayan na, they were bouncing and sliding to the max!  Grabe talaga ang enegy ng mga kids.  You really need those interactive activities so that they could release their energy and later on develop a healthy exercising habit.

Their smiles were priceless. 

There's more!  If your child love slides like mine, this is is the perfect colorful slide for them.

These slides were so cute in person.  The cutest I have ever seen

There was also this Twirlie's Music Studio.  This was so good that your kid could experience being a recording star in just minutes! In addition, they will also give you a copy (in a cd) of your child's recorded song.  How cool is that!

Sayang lang, my kids did not experience that because they were so busy at the Jolly House then.  When we came back, there was a long line agad! =)

Now meet Pipoy Puno!

This is Jollitown's resident tree comes to life whenever the Funtasy Land opens.  This is so interactive because the tree could talk!  You can asks Pipoy just anything under the sun and he will gladly answer it. Gabo wants to take it home actually. =)

We also got the chance to take a picture with this humongous jolly favorites.

If your feet got tired of chasing your kids, the Jollitram will gladly tour you around.

If your kids are into gadgets naman, this is the perfect station for them.

There is a song and dance number every now and then so the kids could get a chance to follow the music and mingle with other kids.

You will never get hungry here because they have a food hall.  The food is already free when you buy the tickets!  

And to make your experience more memorable, the Jollitown also had their souvenir and gift shops.

The kids also got a lootbag and raffle stubs which were already included in the ticket.

Just dropped my stub at the tambiolo.  I don't know exactly what Kuya was doing there.  Maybe he forgot to write his name? hehe!

In terms of safety, all the attractions were safe.  Each of the stations were protected by rubber mats.  There was also a first aid station managed by the Red Cross.  In addition, there were lots of Jolly Marshalls manning each of the play sites and they were all very helpful, kind, cooperative and kid-friendly.  I also liked that each of the stations has their own shoe rack to safeguard the shoes of the kids.  

All in all, I really hope that they open the Jollitown Funtasy Land more often.  Say once a month? I am sure that there will be lots of kids that will ask for more.  It is indeed a very good venue for the kids to stretch those little muscles and to make new friends with other kids.  More than that, I realized that personally, our experience there was a perfect family bonding for us.  Seldom are those time that we could play with our children lalo na if we are working parents.  We are really glad that we seized this moment.

An after event scenario...

The kids requested for an ice cream so we treated them to Caffebene.

Our silly faces!

Gabo's version of his silly face! (Mga kids, huwag gayahin! haha)

That's it! I hope you too guys had a wonderful family weekend!

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