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Magandang Buhay Everyone!

I have been trying to rekindle my friendship with books lately.  I think the last book that I have read was almost a year ago which is  Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child written by John M. Gottman.  It is a very good read if you want your child in his/her very young age to manage, control and regulate their emotions in a real world setting.  Everyone of us, parents, knows that the intellectual skills of our child is very important in order to succeed in school and partly in life.  I said partly because it is not ONLY the intellectual dimension that needs to be sharpen but MORE so the emotional quotient of our child.  They needed EQ in order to succeed in life.  They need to be socially equipped to be able to prepare themselves in the vast life situations that they will going to experience. They learn better when they know how to cooperate, when they are sensitive with the feelings of others, and when they have the capacity to feel the needs of others and their needs as well. 

A HAPPY child is a SUCCESSFUL child!

Meanwhile, last February 6, I went to SM Manila to meet my professors then in my undergrad and my college friends as well.  I came early so I decided to wait them at National Bookstore.  That's where I chanced up that the NBS was on Warehouse Sale!!! Yiheeee! It says in the banner outside:

I went gaga over there!  I bought story books and workbooks for Gabo and Yani.  One story book together with one workbook costs only 100php!   Two books for 100php yahoooooo! Take note that the story book is hard bound ha, so that's already a major steal!  

As for myself, I love parenting books.  Since I become a parent of course, I believe that it is not only through experience from which I could learn good parenting.  It also good if we seek advice from our parents, peers, and those relevant people around us.  Reading books is also a big help because you could also learn so many tips and strategies from those who are considered experts.   

When I was searching in the book racks, I saw this:

Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads by Rosalind Wisemean.  I have read good reviews on that book and also to the author.  My initial thought was it will be a good read.  What encourages me more to buy the book is the price mga kapatid! Look!

From the price of 625php, alam nnyo ba kung magkano na lang?????????

Drrrrruuuumm roll.......

It was reduced to 70php!!! Tama mga kapatid, almost 90% ng price ang discount.  Wala ng kyeme, kinuha ko na agad at diretso sa counter.  It was a real steal right? and I'm so happy talaga.

From the cover, the book says that it's all about dealing with the difficult parents in your child's life. However while I'm reading it, it also offers a lot of strategies, tools and tips for the parents (based on real stories and experiences) on how to articulate the different issues and concerns that they have while their child is in the whole school arena.  Above all, it encourages us parents to be the exact role model or person that we wanted our child to be.  

I am not yet done reading it, but so far so good.  I think I may have to share a review of this book the soonest I finished it.  So stand by for it!

That's all folks!

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