The Magic of a DIY Wall Sticker: From a Dull Wall, to a Wall of Garden

Hi guys!  This will be my first blog featuring wall stickers.  What I love about them is that it gives wonderful results with its simple procedure.  I started to like them early this year when our home was reconstructed because of our growing family.  Our house is bungalow then, but when I got pregnant with Axxel (youngest son), we thought that our space was not enough to freely accommodate all five of us plus Anna (my children's super devoted yaya!).   

Our home looks boring then. Parang walang life.  It was just painted with yellow coating, the walls are bare (the only picture that was hanged was our wedding picture), no wall mirror, no curtains (well, occasionally it has), but FULL of hand painted murals! I said hand painted because  those are the works of my kids who continuously making our wall as their art paper! hmmp! No matter how much you requested them to stop writing in our walls, a new art piece will greet us when we arrived from work.  Doon yata nila naeexpress ang mga feelings nila so pinabayaan ko na lang.  We could have it repainted it once magka-pera kami =). 

Anyway, here's what our wall looked like before:

A bare yellow wall.  Did you see that chirping bird? That's another DIY wall sticker that I will post soon

What I used was this: CoCaLo Maeberry Removable Wall Appliques by CoCalo.  My Ate (eldest sister) who resides in US gave it to me when she sent us a balikbayan box.  

Did you see the price? It's very cheap! only $2.99, about P120.00.  I think it was on sale because its $11.14 in Amazon.  Good job Ate! =)

It comes with four (10" x 18") sheets with butterfly and flower designs.  It is removable and reusable and don't worry because it will not really harm your walls! 

It was very easy to use. First, you have to imagine the design you want and how are you are going to position the different designs.  Mine was placed horizontally, because it was the wall you'll face when going upstairs and there is also a separate wall sticker designed as a tree under it.  Carefully peel each decal then position and apply to your desired location.  Please bear in mind that the wall surface must be smooth and dry otherwise it will not stick well.  You also have to clean your wall so as not to create air bubbles.  To reposition the decal, slowly and carefully peel away from wall surface. Reposition decal then reapply.

Now here is the after photo!

The light switch should haven't been there =(

Dancing butterflies =)

It's beautiful right? I really love how our wall turned like.  It became very lively and a pleasant sight! It gives you this fresh new look.  My daughter Yani likes it very much since she loves butterflies and flowers. Happy daughter, happy Mommy!

See you soon for my next wall sticker make over guys!

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