HOLA! Welcome Me!

Hellooooooooooo!!! OMG, I'm so excited to blog and share my stories and hacks to all of you guys. I've been such a fan of many bloggers.  They are very inspiring and motivating that I decided to write and do something useful for my own (aside from procrastinating hehe).  I have been writing and documenting special events and memories in my life but I'm waaay to busy of posting it.  You see, at the age of 28, I'm already a mom of three little cuties who continuously ramble, mumble and snuggle every minute when we're together =). But just this morning, while my husband and I are on the way to work, he told me "hey, you can start blogging na since our kids are growing up so fast already that it is also a perfect venue, perfect time, perfect date, perfect/lucky color and number (haha parang lotto lang) to document special phenomenons in their lives" and I was like "hmmm...oo nga naman." And of course, my main goal for this is to share my experiences, views, feelings, pains and gains as a mom and wife to all the moms out there who are enjoying their mommy life as well.

So come and please join me as we chit chat and celebrate life, womanhood, and MOMMYhood!  You have no idea how excited I was! Yipeeee!

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