Huli man daw at magaling, NANANALO DIN!

Warning: This might be a (little bit) long post, but please bear with me, I had to write all the details dahil maraming pinag-daanan ito hehe.

Last September 25, when I was browsing the diary of Gabo (my eldest son), I saw a notice declaring that the Annual United Nations Program of their school will be on October 24, 2014.  It was said there that the costume for Grade 1 students will be Mambo.  It also specified that the girls costume should be any red dress with matching accessories while for the boys, it should be a black shirt and long sleeves with black pants and shoes.   After reading that, I was like “Ahh matagal pa naman, isang buwan pa.  Kaya na’to tutal may black pants na si Gabo and all I have to do is to buy a black long sleeves, tapos!”

Days have passed, and again while browsing the diary of Gabo…(just to tell you guys, I do that EVERYDAY as in araw-araw walang mintis pagkagaling ko sa office.  Mahirap na dahil baka may makaligtaan na assignment or something to bring si Gabo sa school) Anyway, as I was saying, I got so nervous when I found out na four days na lang and UN program na nila!!!  That was Monday then Friday na ang program.  Actually, bibili lang naman talaga ako ng black polo, ang kaso that remaining three days will be their second periodical exams which means after office diretso uwi na dapat to review my son plus on Wednesday, dress rehearsal na nila so it means I only have two days na lang.  Keri lang ‘yan sabi ko.  I need to focus first on the periodical exams of Gabo then saka na problemahin ‘yang costume na ‘yan. 

Came Tuesday night, ayan na, Teacher Roxanne who is the class adviser of Gabo, reminded me that the kids need to bring their costume the following day for the dress rehearsal.  I texted back asking her if Gabo can bring na lang a blue long sleeves polo for the meantime tutal dress rehearsal pa lang naman and that he will bring na lang on Friday the real costume.  She replied that it’s okay naman daw.  I felt relieved.  Then on Wednesday, my sister, who is also a teacher in my son’s school, texted me that Gabo doesn’t want to practice daw at naka upo lang sa isang sulok because he’s the only one who’s wearing differently.  All of them were in real costume na except for my son.  I felt guilty because I should have prepared it earlier.  Good thing was nag participate naman din daw after siya kinausap ng adviser and her Tita Marz.  Sabi ko kailangan kong bumawi for him! And here it is, my sister also texted me na sayang naman daw because there is a contest for the best in costume.  The competitive side of me erupted haha! I texted my sister asking her if all Gabo’s boy classmates where just wearing the same plain long sleeves polo. She said yes. It was like spying hehe pero that was in their diary naman talaga so sumunod lang silang lahat.  So I started googling Mambo costumes for boys.  There’s nothing much, puro mga pang girls eh.  Buti nakakita ako ng isa na suot ng mannequin.  At buti na lang my super duper reliable officemate Ate Jojie offered me the help that I badly needed.  She will sew na lang daw the ruffles both sa polo and sa pants! Running stitch lang ang alam ko so mega yehey talaga na nandyan siya =).

So that Wednesday afternoon, namomoroblema nanaman ako kung saan ako bibili ng tela and polo.  The SM megamall is near in our office, mga half km. away but like as I said after office time which is 5pm impunto, me and my husband (we both work on the same office =)) should go home already because first, I have to review Gabo then second, kung aalis ka ng 5:30 sa office, 8:00 pm na kami makakuwi because of the traffic.  We worked at Ortigas and we live in Paranaque so mega traffic na talaga ito.  Sabi ko kay Jun (my husband), “punta na lang tayo ng SM Sucat after mag-aral ni Gabo. Tutal one subject lang naman ang test bukas.”  Parang nagdadalwang isip siya kasi gabi na ‘yun and he looks tired na so when I was haggling it with him, malapit na kami sa bahay and we passed by UNIWIDE! Honestly, it has been 10 years na yata or more na hindi na ako nakakapasok pa sa Uniwide malapit sa amin.  You can’t blame me because sa dami ba naman na mga nagtayuang malls sa amin eh talagang hindi mo na siya mapapansin plus talagang outdated nadin and pati wala na ding aircon sa loob.  Sorry po. But Uniwide really saved the night because they have the perfect cloth for the ruffles.  I bought color red, yellow, and orange at 37 pesos per yard which is really cheap!  Then napilit ko nadin si hubby to go straight sa SM para isang puntahan na lang.

Fast forward…Came Thursday, one day before the UN program, Ate Jojie did a really GREAT JOB on sewing those ruffles both on polo and on the pants.  All caps kasi hindi biro magtahi sa office pa! hehe.  But break time naman po niya ginawa ‘yun so don’t worry na baka makita ng boss hehe.  And the result of the hand sewn costume was this!!!

Kuya Gabo with his little sister Yani
Clap! Clap! Clap! Talaga! Naging sosyal and bonggang bongga ang itsura and not just a plain black costume.  Gandang ganda ako kasi ba naman imagine sobrang madalian lang ‘yun.  When we arrived home. I giddily showed it to Gabo.  At first he was hesitant, sabi niya kasi lahat daw ng classmates niya black polo lang ang suot.  But then after telling him that there is a competition for the best in costume, naging competitive nadin ang bata haha.

The D Day has arrived.  It was the day of their school program.  My hubby and I always make sure that we or one of us will be present in every program or events that our children will be participating.  It is very important that as parents, we need to make our children feel that they are special, important, and/or talented in whatever activities that they will take or perform.  Me and my husband took a leave to watch him and after that to go to DTI to apply for our business permit (there will be a separate post for that).  Hindi ko kayang palagpasin ito.  Marami na akong emosyon na na-invest dito haha. 

Selfie muna with Daddy and Mommy while on the way to school =)

And so the Grade 1, 2, and 3 performed their dance as celebration to the United Nations Day.  Bibo lahat ang mga bata.  Walang nahihiya and they were all smiles.  Proud parent here because natapos naman ni Gabo ang sayaw with all the energy.  Ang dami din parents na very supportive din sa kanilang mga anak.  I have to commend the teachers also because all out din sila while guiding and motivating the students.  Ang hirap kaya maging floor director.  Okay, so ayan na natapos din sa wakas ang mga performances.  It was now time to declare the best in costume winner! Kabog ang dibdib.  Sabi ko kay Jun, “sino ang aakyat sa atin pag tinawag na si Gabo?” He said that wag daw muna ako mag assume agad dahil hindi pa naman siya tinatawag na panalo.  But ang lakas ng pakiramdam ko na siyang siya na eh.  He’s costume was really beautifully different compared to others.  Teacher Gabi, who is also the adviser of Grade 1 announced the winner.  And without a doubt, it was indeed my son!!! She clearly said “And the winner for the best in costume is…….Gabrielle Heiwa H. Mendoza!  Yahoooo! Me and Jun were very proud of him while going to the stage.  Hindi din biro manalo ng best in costume kung more than 10 kayo na nagcocompete ha.  Gabo was smiling too because he knew na magkaka ribbon ulit siya =). 

The happy boy with his proud daddy!

That’s it! Again, special thanks to Ate Jojie for stitching the ruffles! To Gabo, again, congratulations anak, you deserved it!

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