Make Memories more Memorable with Istorya Creations

I realized that sometimes, we are so busy enough that we unconsciously neglect the important things that really matters to us.  We are busy earning for a living that we forget to live.  We are busy in advancing our careers that we forget we have a family. We are busy attending meetings that we forget our children's glee.  

Dr. Seuss is right when he said this.  Sayang ang moment if we don't seize it.  Every minute of our life counts.  As much as we can, it is good that we document those things or events that brings joy in our heart.  Kahit din siguro mga sad stories because it is in those stories that we truly learn a life lesson.  Memory allows us to recognize faces of old classmates or relatives, remember old songs, remember good times and bad times, and remember important information about events/experiences in our journey.  Mahalaga na may mga bagay tayong binabalik balikan lalo na when we're aging.  This will also preserve our relationships to the people that we encounter through time.

Given that, I am so happy that I got to know Istorya Creations.  I came to  know them during the Project Mom events. They make hand-stamped jewelry of the very special moments that we wanted to remember forever.  An evidence na may forever talaga. Lol! I found their IG and immediately fall in love with their creations.  I even joined their #istoryapasalubongseries and won! Woohoo!  

Here's a brief of their success story.

Joanna, the owner and designer, started making hand-stamped jewelry for personal use on Mar 2011, on May 2012 she decided to start selling her personal creations. Istorya is the first ever store that sells custom-made, hand-stamped jewelries in the Philippines.

Joanna always had a fascination for arts and crafts. She loves vintage photography, nature, classic books and recently is into the beauty of jewelry making. She enjoys baking and cooking on her free time and likes to listen to the old music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Trio los Panchos with her dad. She gets inspired by the outdoors especially the sand and sea, the lost romanticism of the bygone eras and considers herself an old soul.

Each piece of her creation is handcrafted from start to finish. The metals are cut,wrought, hammered, sanded and filed by hand thus giving each piece a raw and organic feel. Each jewelry is stamped by hand also, She do not use a machine making every truly one of a kind. Due to the nature of the process in making this jewelry some letters may be offset but that just adds to the charm and uniqueness to every creation.

Each piece created at Istorya is a work of love.

Yes indeed! Joanna made sure that her creations were unique and special as if it's her moment to share.  I ordered her famous product which was the couple bracelet and our transaction ran smoothly and hassle free.  Not to mention that she was very accommodating and patient in answering my queries.

1st delivery:  The box looks very special right? Each has a special charm that comes with it.  The box doesn't have an extra charge.  It's just an extra love given by Joanna =)

2nd delivery:  Taking time to write a note.  I love it!

As you can see, each bracelet is enclosed with a special zip lock (thick) plastic to maintain it's shape.

Couple leather bracelet (Available in black and silver combination)

I have to say this:  Notice the 1st and 2nd delivery? Here's what happened.  The first one that she delivered had a very slight error on the initials which is no biggie at all to me, however, I had to inform her so that she knows.  I told her that it's okay because maliit na bagay lang naman talaga and it did not affect the over all appearance and uniqueness of the product. But what I like about her is that she was very apologetic and GENEROUS enough that she sent a new set of leather bracelet.  This time, the corrected version.  I told her that I can ship back the first parcel but she declined.  Akin na lang daw both.  So I got 2 versions of couple bracelets yehey!

I really love our couple bracelet.   It serves as a constant reminder to me and to my husband to always cherish and remember our love and faith to each other especially when faced with the toughest times.

This one naman is what I got as a price in one of their IG contests that I mentioned earlier.

Stackable glass bead bracelets!  These are so cool!

For Inquires/ Orders/ Product Catalog request please
email them at:
Vibe/SMS: 0917 5432341
IG: @istorya

Istorya Creations are perfect gifts for your loved ones that captures your meaningful moments that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Istorya for adding life and color to our stories! 

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  1. Oh my goodness these look so pretty and meaningful! Not to mention the owner seems super thoughtful. Gonna check this out!

  2. We also ordered from Istorya before. A charm bracelet with our initials and favorite verse in it. I agree, there are lovely, elegant packaging talaga and may personalized note. (I ♡ your couple bracelet mommy)

  3. I love the concept. Great gift idea. Box pa lang, winner na!

  4. I love this! I'd definitely order one :)

  5. I like the couple bracelet, I'm thinking of having that bracelet in black because hubby likes black.

  6. My daughter gifted me with one of their necklaces din!1 It's one of my fave accessories at the moment!

  7. Looks great on your husband's hands. Yes I agree that such jewelry always reminding about your message and feeling whom you have given. My brother also love hand stamped jewelry like you. Last time he ordered a locked for him from online.