Monogram It! By Ash and Muff

Are you a fan of personalizing or customizing your stuffs? If you are, we will be very good friends.  

I love everything that has my name on it.  May it be my full name or just my initials. I find the stuff very personal and extraordinary when my name is on especially if it is a gift. This is also one of the reasons why me and my husband venture into an embroidery business.  Our shop (The Elle Embroidery Trading) which is located at Market! Market!, Taguig, embroiders almost everything under the sun.  From bath towels, to bags, caps, bed sheets, hankies, fans, umbrellas, shirts and jackets...I mean the sky is the limit! (This is not me promoting our shop, but please do visit us hehe).

Being a mom, I find it also very cute to personalize the things of my kids especially their school stuffs.  They love it because they feel very special and unique at the same time. So, while I was thinking of my birthday gifts to them, I saw a post in Instagram featuring the products of Monogram It! By Ash and Muff.  I swear, when I saw their photos, I wanted to jump off from my chair because of it's overloading cuteness!!! I craved to have ALL of their products.  But since my budget is limited, I just stick with their kid's bath towels.  

650 php each
Yes I know.  It's too cute right? and the quality of the towel is excellent.  You see, you needed a thick fabric for the stitches to be embroidered properly or else the fabric will be torn.  It is thick but light weight at the same time.  It is also fluffy and glides smoothly in your skin. Really perfect for the sensitive skin of our kids.  I love the colors to! lively and vibrant.  

Monogram It By Ash & Muff is a result of their search to find the perfect gift for the numerous birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. They truly LOVE and appreciate anything personalized, especially Monograms! With this came the idea of giving monogrammed blankets to all their nieces and nephews. It was such a hit, that we decided we wanted to share this with everyone.

All of their blankets are made with a lot of TLC. Designs and fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure that only the BEST quality arrives at your doorstep. Each piece is embroidered by hand making it UNIQUE every single time. Though blankets are their specialty, they continue to expand their line to give clients a variety of items to choose from. 

Now, the Monogram It! By Ash and Muff already offers a wide range of products.  They are now personalizing bibs, hankies, pillow, bags, beach blanket, onesies, etc.  They even accept orders for souvenirs, giveaways and loot bags! 

Here are some of the products' photos:

Summer String Bags

Best Seller: The Jaq Bag
Bath Towels
Monogrammed Pillows
Best Seller: Reversible Blanket
The cutest bibs ever!!!

Soon on Monogram It! With Ash and Muff (Coming this August!)

Men's Wash N Wear travel clutch bags
Vibrant Colored Shoe Bags

Catch them at Monogram It! By Ash Muff and email them at
You can also shoot them a message/viber at +639159267072 for more details and designs.

Happy MONOGRAMming!

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  1. I also has a knack of customizing everything. I like the embroidery... Hope I can have some of my kids stuff embroidered when I get the chance ....

  2. My kids fot these as gifts last Christmas. They (and I) super loved it because they felt that it was really theirs. No more "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Haha!

  3. I also like customizing/DIY-ing stuff. And I like how it is embroidered, sosyalin tignan! Hehe :)

  4. Personalized gifts can never go wrong. I think they will never be out of style too. May personal touch! Thanks for sharing these personalized products, great Christmas gift ideas!

  5. Suddenly the plain white towels look so much more special!

  6. Ooh I also love personalizing stuff! Thank you so much for sharing this. Ang cute!

  7. Nice :) thanks for sharing this. I also liked the Monogram It By Ash & Muff fb page. Cute Cute! hihi!

  8. Things look fun and cute with monograms. The towels look great.

  9. Cute! I'm a big fan of personalized stuff too! I love sewing (though I haven't really gotten my hands on any sewing machine yet) and was even imagining to do a business that caters personalized stuff through sewing. These are lovely!

  10. monograms make things look more classy! i like it on towels and pillow cases too... para when somebody tries to use your towel, you can say, hey that's mine... you see my initials? lol

  11. Wow! Galing pala may biz ka pala sa Market!Market!

    Nag inquire ako na ako sa Monogram It medyo pricey but the quality looks really good.


  12. i love everything that is personalized! will check out your store soon! buti na lang, malapit lang kami sa Market! :)