Product Review: Physiogel's AI Cream

This is not a sponsored post.  The featured product came straight from my old wallet =).

It is not new to you that my son, Axxel, has an atopic dermatitis or what we commonly know as skin asthma.  He had it since birth.  My pedia said that maybe it was in my genes that my baby got his skin asthma.  I had mine but only in my palm and it gets dryer and itchy when exposed to pollution, dirt, and dust.

Because of that, I am very cautious in putting oils, creams, body wash, shampoo, or cologne in my baby's body as it may aggravate or worsen his skin condition.  I always check the products' ingredients.  It should not contain colorants, perfume and preservatives to enhance its hypoallergenic effect. Look for products that are phthalate- and paraben-free. Those chemicals are potentially harmful to babies and can lessen allergic reactions.   And best of all, it should be non-comedogenic.

All this I have found in Physiogel AI Cream.


Physiogel™ AI Cream/Lotion contains PEA, a physiological complex with antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals. Free radicals are associated with common skin problems like redness, dryness and also plays a part in the skin's aging process. It has unique DMS® (Derma Membrane Structure) for regeneration of the skin protective barrier. They help retain skin moisture and prevent skin dryness.

Active Ingredients

Aqua, olea europaea, glycerine, pentylene glycol, palm glycerides, olus, hydrogenated lecithin, palmitamide mea, squalance, betaine, palmitamide MEA, sarcosine, acetamide MEA, hydroxyethyl-cellulose, sodium carbomer, carbomer, xanthan gum


Cream: 50ml/tube
Lotion: 100ml/bottle

Directions of Use

Suitable for face and body. Apply Physiogel™ AI Cream/Lotion twice daily (or as often as needed), and massage gently into skin. If skin is broken, cover Physiogel™ AI Cream/Lotion with a dressing of choice.

Physiogel™ AI Cream/Lotion is available exclusively in clinics and hospital pharmacies.

Priced at PHP 574.50 for a 50ml full size, the AI Cream is my ultimate partner whenever itchiness and breakouts occurs in my son's face or merely for maintenance use only. I applied it my son's face, neck, back, arms, and legs after bath in the morning and at night before going to bed.  Do not rub the skin of your baby by a towel right after the shower. Please make sure to apply the cream in a damp body for the skin to lock in the moisture. Believe me, it is more effective that way ;).  Also, keep the bath time to 10 minutes max. Long bath may dry out the skin and remove oils and other substances that protect against infections and other irritants.

It is actually the basic Physiogel Cream that I use before but since it has been out of stock (due to package renovation), I switched to the AI Cream.  They have basically the same ingredients and function as to keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

My dry hand before thinning out the cream

My Hand, after the cream has been spread out

See the difference? It really makes the skin more smoother and moisturized.  It looks like a healthy supple hand compare to my first photo. The first one looks dry and tuyot =( while the second photo (with AI Cream)  looks like a recently watered plant =)

This is Axxel before (still  months) when irritation attacks!

See his reddish cheeks? But still a cutie right???  All smile padin =)

With continuous use, here's the development...

Axxel in 6 months

Axxel in 8 months

Axxel in 11 months

Kinis na diba??? Oh boy! He is such a grown up now but you will forever be Daddy and Mommy's adorable son. =) 

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