Clean Baby's First Teeth with Spiffies' Oral Wipes and Toothgel

Hello Mommies! How's your week? It has been a rainy week so far.  For some, it's quite gloomy, sa iba naman, its perfect for cuddling and just chillin' at home with their kids and hubby/wifey, while for others, another baha and traffic stories at streets.

Ours have been a little down.  Sunod sunod ang pagkakasakit ng mga kids ko due to often change of weather.  Ganyan na yata talaga ang panahon ngayon.  Konting ulan, ubo at sipon agad.  The worst part was that ang bilis kumalat ng virus.  My baby Axxel started it with a cough and cold then nahawa na si Yani and then Gabo.  Axxel got worse that is why I have to leave from work for his check up. Gabo still has a dry cough kaya nebulizer nanaman ang peg namin every night.  Good thing Yani recovered fast.  

Ang hirap talaga magkasakit ano? Our emotions are very high sa bahay.  Ito nga ang lagi kong line eh: "Ang pasensya ko hindi basta basta nauubos, pero ang pera ko konting konti na lang!" But really, it's so hard to see my kids suffer from colds and flu especially Axxel.  He finds it hard to sleep at night because his allergy attacks also.  However, I have to keep myself together for them.

Owwwkies! Back to the real storya na.  I have a question mga Mommies: When did you start cleaning your child's teeth?  According to Peditarics, parents should start cleaning their baby's teeth twice a day as soon as you see his first little tooth bud emerging.  They said that if you start early, your baby will get used to having his teeth cleaned. 

Ako? I am so guilty of this.  It's my fault that I did not educate myself when it comes to cleaning my children's teeth.  I know in my mind that it is important to take care of those little pearly white teeth of our babies, but sometimes it's easier to forget than I would like =(. It is one of the things that I took for granted when Gabo and Yani were still babies. That is why todo catch up ang ginagawa namin ngayon.  We lessen their junk food plus candies plus chocolate intake, and we religiously dedicated cleaning time talaga with them. It's never too late.

Good thing there are already a lot of brands and tools that offer dental care and protection to our kids' teeth even if they're still infants.  And I am glad that I have found Spiffies when I went to one of Mommy Mundo's event.

Spiffies Tooth Wipes is the pediatrician’s answer to what the American Academy of Pediatrics officially considers an epidemic rise in early childhood tooth decay and a revolutionary new approach to oral health. It’s a disposable, convenient towelette that simply wraps around your finger, making it easier than ever before to clean your child’s teeth and gums. 

Spiffies are ultimately so effective because of their high concentration of the main ingredient, xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener. Xylitol has been proven to significantly reduce tooth decay rates by reducing harmful bacteria that have also been shown to cause sinus infections, allergies and asthma. 

Spiffies has been clinically tested by the International & American Associations of Dental Research and is recommend by pediatricians worldwide.

Spiffies Toothwipes is one of the best selling products of Spiffies and an excellent way to start your baby's oral care.  Remember your babies when they just bite anything that they can grab? irritated? Drooling? Or when you hear their screeching teeth and gums? That is because they are already teething! 

Spiffies Tooth Wipes have been clinically proven to reduce cavities by up to 72% with regular use, and are uniquely designed to help parents clean their children’s teeth in a comforting, enjoyable, and pain-free way. The nubby texture provides a soothing massage on infant gums that can ease teething pain and also effectively scrubs away plaque, and the naturally sweet flavors create a positive experience with oral health that can last a lifetime.

A box has 20 sachets of wet wipes.  Just wrap around your finger then wipe your little one's teeth, gums and tongue. I use this to Axxel every after eating especially when he eats something that has sugar in it and after drinking milk to prevent tooth decay.  Keep it refrigerated! A cooled Spiffies wipe gives quick relief to irritated gums without numbing agents.

Tip: The wipes is actually big for a one time usage so you can actually cut it into half for more cleaning.  I am doing that because based on experience, only the part of the wipes that is wrapped in your finger goes to the entire teeth and gums.  Sayang naman 'yung the rest of the wipes where you can actually use it pa for your next cleaning time. =)

Once your baby has several teeth, you could try using a small toothbrush with just two or three rows of very soft bristles.  Brush once in the morning and once before bed.  Starting this routine early will help make it a habit for your child.  You can use Spiffies Tooth Gel.  It is in liquid gel form that is not just for kids but is also perfect for adults, seniors, and patients with special needs.

A pea size, or even smaller than that in your babies' brush goes a loooooong way.

Spiffies Toothgel comes in two yummy flavors, strawberry and grape!
Spiffies is Pediatrician developed and safe to swallow by babies. Its main ingredient is Xylitol, which is an all-natural ingredient clinically proven to reduce cavities and prevent tooth decay!  I love it so much it became a bonding time for me and my little boy. He likes it too co'z he enjoys biting my index finger! Tawa ng tawa ang bagets. Huhuhu.

These has been my favorite things nowadays.  If someone asks me what's inside my bag, ito na 'yun! =)
For inquiries, call or text: 0917-8473739 or 0920-9500358 
or email
You can also visit their FB account at Spiffies Infant Oral Wipes Philippines

There you go!  Happy teeth cleaning Mommies!

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  1. Talagang we need to take care of their teeth early. I am scared that their permanent teeth will have cavities kapag hindi naagapan. This is a great solution for babies who still drink from the bottle, especially at night.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Will definitely try it for my 1 year old.(:

  3. Thankfully my little one enjoys brushing his teeth. But this is a good alternative on "bad days" : )

  4. Nice! My son, even when he was still a baby, never allowed me to "wipe" his teeth though. Thankfully, he enjoyed using the chewbrush during his first year. But I'll certainly check those tooth gels out!

  5. My eldest has dental caries, well kasalanan ko kasi I was busy at the office so whole day siyang nasa yaya. So now that he's 5yo, he's having toothaches every now and then. Honestly it's my first time to learn about this brand. I'm so interested with the wipes! :) Thanks mommy!

  6. Good sharing! Will share this with my mommy friends who have infants. :)

  7. I used to use just a wet washcloth, lol XD

  8. I've learned from my eldest too na dapat talaga we take EXTRA good care of our children's teeth.. buti naagapan pa yung cavities nya, though may konti nang browning sa front teeth nya, at least di nalagas yung ngipin nya.. so for my second child, alaga talaga teeth nya. Happy to know there's a new pedia developed product like this. We also used something similar before, sans fluo has tooth wipes too :)

  9. Ohhh, new baby products to check... this is a good substitute when not in the mood to brush their teeth :) Thanks

  10. I used the wipes for my kids but they just bite me! LOL. I haven't tried their toothpaste, though. Will check it out :)