DIY Christmas Wreath

Morning guys and gals!

The happiest and most exciting month of the year is finally on! 

I have been busy lately preparing for Axxel's baptism this coming December 14.  The theme will be Christ's lamb. But before that, I should not have to miss hanging a Christmas wreath at our door.  I love wreaths because looking at them feels more Christmas-sy.  Instead of buying one, you can do many kinds of wreaths according to your theme.  Allow me to share mine.

I chose the theme of Poinsettia Christmas Wreath.


  • round styrofoam (ideal is 22"-24" but mine is 18" since our door is not that big)
  • felt paper (green and red)
  • small Christmas ball decoration
  • scissors
  • glue 
  • thumbtacks
Step 1:
Cut-out the inner circle of the styrofoam.  The width should be at least 2.5".  Then set aside.

Step 2:
Cut the green felt paper into a leaf size.  Make as many as you can.  I actually did more or less 90 pieces! haha.  That's the effect of watching the extended version of the The Hobbit =)

Step 3:
Cut the red felt paper into a poinsettia sized flower.  Make three (3) different sizes (small, medium and large).  You can download a lot of poinsettia template in the internet.  Mine is like this.

I made my poinsettia template first on a board paper then trace it on the felt paper.  The process of cutting will be faster this way (in my experience).

Step 4:
Paste the 3 flowers in an overlapping position.  The pointed shape of the petal should be alternately positioned.  Then, cut 5 Christmas ball decoration and paste it at the center of the flower.  

Step 5:
Continue making 9-10 pieces of the flower then set aside.  Gather all the leaves that you have cut, make a flower size and paste it directly around styrofoam.  Cover the styrofoam as many leaves as you can to cover the white part of it completely.  When it is securely glued, attach the poinsettia flowers on top of the leaves and you're done!!!

Now hang it to your door! =)

Personalized embroidered Christmas socks

Did you see the little cherries popping out around the wreath?  I added those to make it more lively! It's really up to you on how you want to accentuate it.  The sky is the limit!

I also place the Christmas socks of my my children under the wreath.  We have an embroidery business that's why I personalized almost all of my kid's stuffs.  It's waaaay too cute!

All in all, it just costs me 140 pesos! Beat that haha!

How about you? Have you started decorating your house yet?


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  1. Dapat pala nabasa ko ito last year! hehe! Naghahanap kasi ako ng DIY deco last year kaso di nako nakagawa.Ang ganda ng gawa mo Celin! =)

    1. Thanks Mary Joy! You can do it! Kayang kaya mo yan =)