Our New Year's Eve at Balay Indang

The year that was brought me and family a lot of challenges.  My father had a major operation, my kids become sickly, and I lost my grandmother.  Health issues strikes. 

We all wanted to put back all our baggages from the past and start anew, new life and a new beginning.  Having said that, me and famiy decided to spent the New Year's eve out of town. It is our first time to celebrate the new year out from the comfort of our house and we are so happy we did!

After searching for a lot  of cozy, relaxing, and nature friendly place with a good food, we finally settled to Balay Indang.  

Welcome to Balay Indang!

This photo was taken the night after we had our dinner
The weather did not cooperate much as it was quite drizzling the whole day.  But anyway, we were still mesmerized the moment we set foot at the place.

                              The area is huge, but we are guided enough with their signs.

Yani asked me to have a picture of her with the horse.  Ya! Tigidig tigidig!

This is their receiving/common area for the visitors.  The house was designed with a Filipino mixed with Balinese decors.  You will easily fall in love with the place.  It's so warm.  There are also sections of the house that are kid friendly.  See the little round table with small chairs? They are only for kids! How cute!

Axxel with her Ate Joan
My husband went straight to the grand piano and played our children's favorite song =)

This is where we stayed at the Molave cottage.  There are two big separate rooms inside (Mary and Elizabeth).  Each room is good enough for 8 persons but if you are not maselan naman, you can just place an extra floor cushion and your good to go...because really, the room is very spacious.

This is the "Mary" room where my family stays.

The room has four beds. Two on the first floor and another 2 on the second floor.

Axxel easily fell asleep on the fluffy, cottony bed =)

This is the "Elizabeth" room where my parents stayed.

My view at the top of the Canopy bed.

The bathroom floor matches my shoes!

Balay Indang has two dining areas.  The one is inside their receiving hall and the other one is located at the Elizabeth hall.  Let me first show you the Elizabeth hall.  We went there on New year's eve and they have prepared a cocktail around 4pm for everyone to enjoy.
Para lang kayong nasa kusina ninyo =)
Mix-matched chairs are love! There are also a lot of rocking chairs everywhere.

For those who are music lover, they got all you need!
What a lovely bathroom! The entire walls are handpainted! Different sized-mirror hanging everywhere.
You can also dine outside the hall. Please take a closer look at their ceiling.
All handpainted too!
Now here is the main dining area

We are all serenaded by their inhouse musicians.

Their staff were all very accommodating and approachable.


Sorry I do not have quality photos of the food.  Madalian na kasi because we are all hungry! haha.  The food is in buffet style but they were all generously served on your table.  You will just have to ask for a refill if you needed to.  I must say that their food is superb! Lalo na ang lumpiang buko. It's so delish.  Filipino cuisine with a twist. 
Merienda time!

This is the pool area.  Ang lamig ng tubig! But just because it was raining nga. I suggest you visit the place during summer.

They also have a mini kind of play area for the toddlers =)

A mini rocking chair. How cute is that!
Strolling around... (more photos)

My mom and sisters.
Staying there is like a breath of fresh air.  Thank you so much Balay Indang for providing us the comfort of our home outside the city.  This place is best for intimate gatherings/activities like weddings, recollection, etc.

P.S. There is no television in all of their rooms and halls.   I also did not allow the kids to bring their gadgets.  They should see the beauty of nature first hand. =)

Till we meet again...soon!

Couples Rate P3,400/head inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks plus
Group Rate (min of 3 persons)  P2,700/head inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks
Kids Rate P2,200/child (6yrs old – 11 yrs old)
Lunch only
Couples at P750/head
Group of 3 or more at P650/head
Child rate at P450/head
Dinner only
Couples at P850/head
Group of 3 or more P750/head
Child rate at P500/head
FREE OF CHARGE: Infant to 2yrs 

Balay Indang
88 Mahabang Kahoy Cerca, Indang, Cavite
0917-8374261 / 0917-8665825 / 775-6886 

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  1. Lovely pictures you have there. Been to BALAY INDANG once and I instantly felt at home. I like its shabby chic look. Gives me an idea to celebrate my moms bday there. Hope we can still make reservations for feb 25. Minsan kasi kahit one month in advance, fully booked na sila. Thanks for this.

  2. Fell in love with the place looking at your photos. Will definitely check this place out. Sharing this with my partner. :)

  3. Nice photos Mommy! Ive heard good reviews about Balay Indang and i wish to visit it with my family..i hope we could find time soon!

  4. That bedroom though.I have heard this place from friends but never had the chance to go there. Will chrck this out on next travel.

  5. What a lovely place to stay at. Perfect for families.

  6. I've heard so much good things about Balay Indang but haven't had the chance to visit. I hope one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  7. Wow, I'd love to take my family there. It really looks like a great place to relax and unwind.

  8. What a lovely place! Hope to visit this place soon :)