50 Encouraging and Inspiring Phrases that Every Parents Should Say with their Kids

I am on leave for four days now because our house help is on vacation.  When times like this occurs, I always prepare myself for an all day of restless action.  The night before our house help leave, I told my husband that I'm afraid to be left alone in the house with the kids.  It's not because of my mumu (ghost) story I posted weeks before, but it's because of the kids whom I feared for.

Even as a mother of three, I can't still say that I am an expert mom.  There are tons of parenting skills that I still need to learn.  I am so worried that being left alone with my kids will only cause me pressuring them all the time, nagging at them, getting frustrated when things go out of my way.  I am a very disciplinarian mother, and when lost of patience strikes me, I tend to get easily controlled by my emotions.  It's hard when you lose patience with your kids.  I am completely shadowed by my own interpretation of right and wrong which blocked them from reasoning out.  Feeling ko I'm so burned out of multitasking everything! 

Being said that I searched for phrases or inspirational things to say with my kids to get them moving and always motivated.  Ano-ano ba 'yung mga alternatives when talking with your kids na hindi ka laging nagagalit? Or what are those words to keep them going, feel great, and inspired.  I chanced upon the FamilyLife website and I found very helpful words/phrases which they posted on their blog.  It's a list for parents who wants their children to know their love and God's love.  There were 50 phrases all in all written by Janel Breitenstein.  Medyo mahaba if I will paste them all here but just click the link and it will lead you there.  

Just allow me to share to you my top 9 favorite phrases I promise to tell my kids every now and then. 

1. I’m proud of you. And even if you weren’t so fantastic, I’d still be proud.

- My children are not whiz kids.  They are also not the smartest students in their class.  But they have special skills that they can only do by themselves.  Even if it's not that grandiouse as compared to others, they are so meaningful and special to me as they're mother.  And why compare your kids right?

2. I know you and I haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately. But I want to let you know that I accept you whether I agree with you or not, and I’m committed to working on our relationship so we both feel understood and secure.

-I am a working mom.  I spend at least 10 hours away from our home.  I always miss my kids whenever I'm at work =(.

3. You know, you may not feel very _____, but God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you the way He did, and it was just how He wanted to express Himself. I love you just the way He made you. And I wouldn’t have wanted Him to do it any differently.

-Perfect! Just the way I wanted to say it.  God made us all differently special and unique.  Why question if we are all created in God's image?

4. I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me for _____?

-Even if you are the parent and you feel authoritative with your kids, stay humble.  It is only thru recognizing and accepting your mistakes that you can create an open environment in your household.

5. Yes, there is food in the house.

- One of our house rules is not to have leftovers.  I am strictly implementing that in our house especially to my kids.  Get only what you can consume.  There are really a lot of those who have nothing on their plate.  And as the Pope says: “We should all remember... that throwing food away is like stealing from the tables of the poor, the hungry!

6. I trust you.

-Trust is a big word and rarely being said nowadays.  I wanted my kids to know that as their mother, I will support whatever goals or future plans they may have along the way.  Proper guidance and supervision is what we parents can give, but IMPOSING them on what they should do is none of our business.  Trust your kids.

7. With God’s help, your dad/mom and I will never, ever get a divorce.

-This is me and my husband's ULTIMATE goal for our marriage and I want my kids to adopt it too when their time for creating a family comes.  The family is your ultimate support group in life.  Having both a mother and a father, residing in the same house, harmoniously working and living together is a divine blessing.

8. Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you.

-I admit I have not said these words to my kids.  I think my kids will feel more special and valued if they know their parents are praying for them.

9. You make me so happy just by being you.

- My kids are my source of strength.  I always see their light thru their smiles at the end of the tunnel.

I am not a perfect mother and I'm not pretending to be one.  But NO ONE and nothing can stop me by raising my kids the best manner I know how, allowing room for them to explore, make mistakes, and learn from them. 

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  1. These are also what our kids would want to hear from us. Heehee :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely kids you have there! I like quotes, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aaaawwwww so sweet. Before Baby Charley sleeps, we always whisper to her naman na we're very blessed that god gave her to us, and that we prayed for a little girl and that's her. :) Thanks for sharing, Mommy. :)

  4. We really should be careful with our words because every words we say has an impact to them. Thank you for sharing positive words we can say to our little love ones.

  5. Thanks for sharing these encouraging and inspiring phrases for kids :)

  6. Positive reinforcement is the way to go :)

  7. These are touching. I have to practice more of these :-)

  8. Words we often speak at home are the same words our kids use outside. Also, kind words like these help our kids to grow confidently beautiful, ika ng Ni pia w.

  9. Words have power talaga. Kaya it is very important that we use words to encourage our kids.

  10. This is most ideal but sometimes (because we're human) I think we can say the wrong thing. What's important is to also acknowledge that and use these phrases to reinforce the positive.

  11. Very helpful words for first time moma like me :) thanks!

  12. Very helpful words for first time moma like me :) thanks!

  13. I love this post! It especially speaks to me since I tend to speak rather harshly at times. I need to bookmark this!

  14. These are really inspiring words, which children need to hear again and again! :)

  15. Thank you for sharing this! As my lil' one grows everyday - she may not be speaking back to me, but i know she can understand already. Words/ phrases like these are key to having a great relationship towards our children :)

  16. Thanks for sharing these. My lo turns 1 and as early as now I tell him some encouraging words because I know it will make a big impact while he is growing up.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  17. Words are very powerful. Most of the time, what we say have an impact on our kids. Thanks for sharing this list :)

  18. Aww...thank you for sharing these. With my 2yo now I just keep saying "I love you" haha. I hope to remember your tips for when they're older :)

  19. #4. Parents who ask for forgiveness show their kids the importance of being humble and owning up to your mistakes. Thank you for this wonderful list! :)

  20. #4 is good. It shows that it is okay to make mistakes but that we admit to it even if we are of higher authority to them.

  21. i love this, thank you! sometimes we get so busy and stressed, we need reminders like this once in a while as parents :)