Lonely Planet Kids: Adventures in famous Places

It is every parent's dream for their children to visit and experience the beautiful wonders of the world. Travelling and setting foot to the different places around the world is like a gift of a lifetime. The learnings and possibilities in the eyes of a child are endless.  Memories will never be taken from them.

Having said that, it is also good to know that there are various books available that allows us to explore the beauty of the different countries.  It would be good to have a glimpse of what to expect before travelling, a travel guide, or if you are on a tight budget but wanted to discover facts on famous places.  

The Lonely Plant Kids, a travel media company, aims to kick-start the travel bug and open kids' eyes and minds to the world around them. Their focus is on showcasing the quirky facts, amusing tales and inspiring stories that bring our planet to life. Through Lonely Planet Kids, it is their hope to share their love of travel, sense of humor and continual fascination with what makes the world the diverse and magnificent place it is.

One of their best selling book is the Adventures in Famous Places.  It is an activity book that allows you to explore some of the most famous places in the world! 

"Explore the ancient pyramids of Mexico, the spectacular Takayama Festival in Japan, and the jumbo sized Addo Elephant Park in South Africa!

Decorate real-life locations like the White House in Washington DC, the historic tower of London, and picturesque Lake Pichola in Udaipur and more!

Enjoy hours of fun games and puzzles. Each book in the series has its very own fold-out surprise to make and collect." 

I am so glad that I receive one from Fully Booked because I really want my kids to learn and see the world outside ours.  Here's a peek of some of its pages.

Packed full of activities and over 250 stickers!
Games and Puzzles

South Africa
Lonely Planet also have Adventures in Smelly Places, Adventures in Noisy Places, Adventures in Busy Places, Adventures in Cold Places, Adventures in Wild places, and a lot more humorous travel guide books.  Recommended for children ages 3 - 5.

Read more of what they can offer here: Lonely Planet Kids

With their books, it's like getting the world into your hands.

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