Review on SVR Infinity Glutathione Soap and Face and Body Cream

I have been reading a lot of blog articles lately reviewing products on how to properly take care of our skin and also on skin lightening.  As of now, I still believe that there are no lotions/creams nor soaps that can really WHITEN your skin (as in from a dark skin tone to a mestiza type) permanently, pwera na lang siguro if you use injectables forever. However, there are really those products that can actually lighten or brighten our skin kaya wag mawalan ng pagasa ;). 

I chanced up this product in the net and I have read a lot of good reviews about it. Sometimes, when people market their products, they fake testimonials bragging their own. Meron pang mga before and after photos na hindi naman talaga kapani paniwala.  We consumers have to be keen about that.  Huwag magpaloko! Read the labels, the ingredients and search the benefits of it.  Huwag basta bili ng bili.  So anyway, back to what I have found, I really have this feeling at first that it really works.  I have friends using it and I saw the changes, not only with their complexion but also to the feel of their skin.  

It is no other than the SVR Infinity Glutathione Soap and Face and Body Cream!

SVR Infinity was founded in 2012 by Sofia Relosa with a single flag item, Sofia’s Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen. Its distribution source comes from their resellers, distributors, online malls and their website.

However, prior to becoming an official business, the infant stage of company started in 2009 as a sideline on Facebook. Back then, her main product was Glutathione Injections. In an effort to improve Ms. Sofia’s product set and in order to beat competitors, Ms. Sofia and her toll manufacturer created as soap that gives more skin lightening benefits. When the creation was done, Sofia started giving this away as a free item of her Glutathione Injection set. After 6 months of giving it away for free, her clients finally convinced her to sell her soap. Today, Sofia’s Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen is at Php 100 per bar.

Few months down the line, resellers' sets and distributors package were created to help mompreneures, students, and online sellers earn extra.

At current SVR Infinity has more 400 resellers nationwide, more than 50 distributors, and 2 executive distributors.  

Just this year, she launched a new line to address her growing demand to create new products and that is the SVR Face and Body Cream.

What the glutathione soap claims to give:


A natural anti-oxidants that eradicates toxins or free radicals in the body. As Glutathione properties is synthesized into a Glutathione soap, it inhibits the melanin formation and eliminates melasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckles, dark spots. This results to a natural skin lightening.

A natural protein that binds skin tissues to avoid fine lines or wrinkles. As a person age, decrease in collagen becomes apparent. With collagen supplements, such as soaps, creams, etc., natural collagen develops to avoid unwanted lines on your skin.

Kojic Acid, another form of skin lightening property, is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungus that is found to cure melasma, dark spots, and acne.

Vitamin E and C
Antioxidant properties that promotes natural skin repair. Both neutralize free radicals and aids development of your body’s natural glutathione.

What the Face and Body Cream claims to offer:

Get that no makeup, flawless skin look with SVR Infinity products. Your beauty regimen is made much more easy and effortless with Sofia’s Face and Body Cream with UV filters.

Kojic Acid – Natural whitening, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungal ingredient. A great ingredient that addresses pimples to give you a zit and dark spots free skin. 

UV filters – Your much needed protection for your flawless skin from the sun’s UV rays. Avoid pre-mature skin ageing, and dark spots by re-applying day and night

I am using the glutathione soap now for the past 2 months and told Sofia how much I am loving its effect on my skin.  She then, gave me a tube of the Face and Body Cream to be used with the soap for better results.

Here are my thoughts on the SVR's products:

Glutathione Soap 

What I love about:
  • Smells good! It's like putting oats plus milk in your body.
  • The soap is cold pressed which is undoubtedly the best method for producing the highest quality soaps.  It retains the ingredient's natural goodness in the final soap bar. 
  • The ingredients: Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Active Whitening, Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, and Glycerin.  Whew! What more can you ask for.
  • Non sticky, does not irritate my skin, and no stings at all!
Needs Improvement:
  • Nothing!!! I l love it sooo much.  From the packaging to what the soap can deliver.
SVR Face and Body Cream

What I love about:
  • Visibly lightens my skin right after the application.
  • Convenient to use as a 2in1 product.  Can be used on face and body.
  • Smells terrific! Para ka laging bagong shower.
  • It has Garcinia Morella, a low PH level natural ingredient that gives instant fair skin while your beautiful skin is moisturized.
  • The best of all, it has UV Filters!!! You can now flaunt your skin under the sun because you know you are protected from the sun's UV rays.  

Needs Improvement:
  • I personally think that the cream is quite thick especially when applied into face.  Be sure to squeeze just a tiny amount of it and it will go a long way.  Best to be used when in an air conditioned area.

My "walang daya" and filter before and after photo:
Before using the soap

2 weeks after using the combined products (natural light! no filter)

After 1 and a half months of continuous using it (I woke up like this) 

In general the glutathione soap combined with the face and body cream REALLY lightens my skin.  Some of my pimple scars lightens while some just fade away! See my pimple mark on my forehead? nawala na on my recent photo right? =) What I also love is that, it gives my skin a more supple look and softer to touch. I used to have dry face due to skin asthma, but with these duo, I no longer see dry marks and flaky skin.  Please always remember that the continuous/regular use of the soap is the key to achieve its maximum effect.

Visit SVR Infinity for more details.

Enjoy your day guys!

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