Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Aqua Mask

Product: Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Aqua Mask
Where to buy: Departments Stores, Selected Mercury Drugs, Watsons
Price: 150php - 250php

Yesterday, I mentioned to you that I always had "scratch-like" thing in my face.  Whenever I woke up in the morning, nararamdaman ko nalang na parang may mahapdi as I wash my face.  What shall I do? The scratch marks are very evident especially when I apply powder or liquid foundation.  I really feel that my face lacks moisture and has flaky skin especially at the side of my nose and at the edge of my eyebrows.  I really need to do something!

Good thing, another blogger gave me samples of the Leaders Insolution Mask.  It got me more super excited when I read that one is a Moisturizing Aqua Mask.  Pasok sa banga! Just when I needed it the most.  Thanks Kikay si Kat for the free masks. =)

Moisturizing Aqua Mask and Refreshing Soothing Mask
A little background over this Korean popular brand, Leaders Insolution was developed based on dermatologic theories and clinical experience of the medical staff of Leaders clinic.  It is a non-irritating dermatological skin care that prevents skin troubles and promotes safety of the skin through strict laboratory tests, newest technology and natural ingredients with no Paraben.  It also has a natural cellulose sheet which is the only staple long cellulose sheet extracted from natural cotton, so there is no skin irritation and it gives soft feeling of like silk.

What I love about it:
  • It is so wet! You can feel that your skin is absorbing all the moisturizing ingredients.
  • It glides smoothly in your face.
  • Perfect size for the Filipina face.  Not too big and not too small.
  • Leaves supple, fresh and glowing face.
Needs improvement:
  • Be extra careful in unfolding the mask because it tends to tear due to it's watery substance.
  • Recommended to use in an air conditioned area so that it will dry quickly.  Since the product is so wet, the moisture in the upper part of the mask pour down into my eyes! huhu.  Mahapdi ng konti.  

I let it sit for 45 mins! =)
I noticed a reddish cheek right after use.

That's it pancit!  Will try the Refreshing Soothing Mask next.

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