Make your Summer Count! With Mathemagis Singapore Maths

Hello mommies!

Have you enrolled you kids to any summer activities? There are already a lot of summer programs being offered to our kids at any age. Click the link for the recommended summer activities if you still haven't made up your mind. 2016 SUMMER CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES IN METRO MANILA FOR KIDS.

For those of you who wants their kids to improve, enhance or learn different strategies in studying math the easier way, you might want to check out Mathemagis Singapore Maths.

Below is their program:

Make your kids summer count!  Nurture happy and confident Math achievers with Mathemagis' Singapore Math Summer programs.

Preschoolers  four to six years old get the “Best Start to be Smart” in Math through our fun and hands-on activities.  Young kids develop a love and confidence for math  which they will carry with them throughout.

Grade school students struggling with Math word problems will get a boost with “Visual Thinking Math” where kids learn the fun and easy way to solve math word problems using Singapore’s proven effective bar model strategy.

Keep you kids one step ahead of everyone through Mathemagis’ Singapore Math Program for gradeschoolers.  This program teaches Math concepts and enhances analytical skills for all students.

Batch 1 -- Aplril 4-15
Batch 2 --April 18-29
Batch 3 --May 1-13
Batch 4 --May 16-27

I got an invitation from Mathemagis to try their program for Gabo.  We chose the Serendra branch since we are quite near to the place.  Here is my son's experience:

Gabo was asked to have an assessment first so the teachers will know what program best suits with him.

This is Teacher Len assisting Gabo during his exam.  She is ver accommodating and sees to it that my son had a good grasp in her instructions.
The Mathemagis branch in Serendra is very spacious, clean, and most importantly conducive to learning. 

This is such a cute message wall!
Materials are neatly stored in separate boxes according to categories

They give feedbacks every after session when you request for it which I really appeciate.  As a parent I want to gauge the learning progress of my child and a teacher-parent feedback discussion is such a great mechanism.

The center have 4 different rooms according to age category

This is the wall where kids who have done a great job for the week were posted =).  Also it serves as a library and activity wall.

Gabo still have 4 sessions to go and as of the moment he is enjoying his learning expereince at Mathemagis.

Visit their website at and FB page at or visit any of our branches in Serendra(833.7374), Makati(556.5109), Katipunan(225.6330), Timog Avenue(261.1611) and SM Pasig(209.8128).

Register online at

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  1. Summer activity for Math? Why not? This will help children to love math and to learn more about it too while on summer.

  2. This is a nice option. For my eldest, tried one-on-one tutoring session with her Math teacher after school and we have seen progress. Though I've heard that these learning centers have a different approach with teaching so it'll be nice to try this one too.

  3. Such a colorful review center the kids won't think they're learning math. Good thing my husband is an accredited review lecturer. He brings our children on his classes giving them free review lessons. Husband teaches physics and math.

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  4. Mathemagis sounds awesome! I love the tables and chairs -- every aspect of the room seems to say "Maths!"

  5. I received an email from them too but my darling's too young pa. I would really love to enroll her SG math centers coz I heard they are indeed the b st.

  6. I got an email too, but haven't tried it yet with my daughter. I can't wait to bring her here :)

  7. I thing it's a great way for the kids to spend the Summer. kaya lang the branches are too far for me.

  8. I'm intrigued with Singapore Math, my kult loves math will better check this one

  9. I wonder if they have a program for teens...

  10. The classrooms look nice. I would definitely consider enrolling Popy for a class, as I am not such a math person, and so is the husband. :) And yay! They have in Makati.

  11. My son needs this. Nice facilities I can tell :)

  12. I love the ambiance of the place and kids mostly hate Math as I do. This activity is really interesting. I will definitely try this once my son is old enough to learn.

  13. Whoa! Math for summer? Not a typical thing to do during summer but will definitely help the kids learn in a fun way! I'll check them out soon. Thanks for sharing!😊

  14. thanks for writing and reminding me about this, been meaning to enroll my daughter :)

  15. Ive heard so many good reviews abt mathemagis from parents and friends. Thanks for the heads up mommy. :)

  16. Ive heard so many good reviews abt mathemagis from parents and friends. Thanks for the heads up mommy. :)

  17. I wouldn't want my son to grow up hating math like I do. So I am looking forward to enrolling him to such Math classes like this one! Thank you for sharing this, Mommy!:)